Designed For The World Explorer.

Travel by nature is a mobile, ever-changing process. Temperatures, locations, situations, transportation. From the moment you leave your house you need to be ready to adapt. We believe your clothes should help you do it so you look good and feel great everywhere in-transit and beyond. This fusion of travel style with travel function and versatility is what we call Travleisure™.

Travleisure is comprised of four elements that were selected through extensive customer analysis and feedback. We will experiment with different materials in our products, but those having the essential elements of Travleisure will bear the unique label and hangtag.

Elements of Travleisure

CozZzy: Fabrics with the softest feel on your skin. Period.

Breathable: Fibers keep you dry and comfortable despite changing temperatures.

Anti-Wrinkle: Technology to withstand cramped seats or stuffed luggage.

Odor Resistant: Antibacterial fabric or finish keeps clothing fresh throughout even long journeys.