CDC guidance on fabric masks states "a washing machine should suffice in properly washing a face coverings." Additional research has also shown that normal detergent is sufficient to disinfect the cloth against the covid-19 virus. If you choose to to launder at high temperatures, we strongly suggest choosing bamboo instead of cotton. Bamboo is much more resilient to high temperature treatment. 

  • Wash Temperature: in terms of fabric longevity, we recommend wash cool with like colors, lay flat to dry. While it may be the case that hot water is better to clean/neutralize any microorganisms, hot water has adverse impacts on fabric in general. It causes fading or degradation of the fabric, which becomes less soft and looks worn. Cool/cold water is much easier on the fabric in terms of lifespan.
  • Handling: if possible, wash inside of a small garment bag to help maintain shape and prevent tangling with other items.
  • Detergent: preference is up to you, but we recommend unscented if possible, since any strong scents will obviously be right in front of your nose and be irritating.
  • Drying: once again, some recommend high heat, but dryer heat has adverse impacts on the fabric too. Cotton specifically will shrink. Bamboo will be the best to withstand this type of treatment. Lay flat to dry is our recommendation.