Why is this mask the best face mask for running?

Our proprietary Cool Ice™ fabric is super lightweight and offers the highest breathability of any face mask we make. The fabric naturally cools the skin as your perspire, drys rapidly, and the textured outer layer dissipates heat to keep you comfortable while you exercise.

Will this breathable face mask give me enough protection?

The face mask is dual layer just like all of our popular bamboo and cotton masks to provide effective facial covering.

Is the Movement Mask "Cool Ice" fabric treated with any finishes or coatings?

The Cool Ice™ attribute is part of the yarn itself and not a result of an added finish. In general, we do not use any finish on the masks because we do not want people breathing in anything adverse.

Will the fabric suck into my mouth while working out?

The Cool Ice™ fabric is stiff enough to keep the face mask out of your mouth during heavy breathing (one of the key reasons we chose it!)

Can I use this breathable face mask for travel and indoor activities?

The mask is perfect for running, sports or any leisure activity, indoor or outdoor. Given the high breathability and moisture wicking features, the mask is especially well-suited when it must be worn for many hours in a row, such as traveling.

Should I wash this breathable face mask after running and exercising?

We recommend washing this face mask after each use, especially when heavy sweating and breathing has occurred.

Does this face mask have any antimicrobial properties?

The mask does not contain any antimicrobial finish or yarn. If you are interested in an antimicrobial mask, we recommend our bamboo, bamboo silver ion, or cotton silver ion masks.