Why Partner with For Days?

Our friends at For Days care deeply about good product just like us. They use the highest quality, sustainable materials while also minimizing waste with things like reusable packaging and company-wide carbon offsets. We are excited to partner with brands who are creating the future of e-commerce.

What do you do with the products sent in with my Take Back Bag?

The products are sorted and then sent to a recycling partner. Those partners resell what could have a second life and then the remaining materials for recycling into rags or shoddy.

Do I get a $20 credit for every Take Back Bag?


What can I use my $20 credit on?

You can use your credit on any NxTSTOP item, with exception to face masks.

When/how will I receive my $20 credit?

You'll receive an email with a code to apply at checkout.

Do you accept shoes in the Take Back Bag?

We do not accept shoes, but socks and swim are OK.

Do my items need to be in "good condition"?

We take any brand of clothing in any condition as long as it's clean and washed. Please no undergarments.