How is this cotton silver ion face mask better than other cloth masks?

Silver ion is well established as an antimicrobial defense mechanism that is widely used in many industries to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. By spinning cotton yarn interwoven with silver, you achieve substantially improved hygienic effects that will last for the life of the product (and many laundry cycles). The result is the highest performing fabric in terms of comfort and safety.

Is it safe to use silver in a face mask? Will I breathe in some of the silver ion?

The silver is completely safe and cannot be inhaled.

Does the silver ion affect the breathability of this mouth covering?

Not at all. The breathability is equivalent or superior to the standard bamboo mask.

How is cotton silver ion material made?

It is actually silver yarn that is spun with the bamboo yarn, not a finish. This means that the silver is intrinsically part of the fabric.

Will the antimicrobial properties of the silver ion deteriorate over time?

Because we use interwoven silver yarn, the antimicrobial effects are long lasting for the lifetime of the fabric. They won't "wash out" over time like finishes.

How often should I wash my cotton face mask?

As per CDC guidance, you should wash your mask after each use where possible. See our section on laundering details for guidance on how to wash and dry the mask.

What is the expected lifetime of this cotton silver ion face mask?

30-50 washes depending on care and use.