Life is a series of adventures to explore. Adventures can be anywhere and everywhere – down the road, across the water, or off the beaten path. We travel to find beautiful places and to meet people who will change us forever. Diversity is in our DNA. For us, borders do not exist. We are the world’s 21st century explorers, discovering experiences to positively shift our views to be a force for good, always seeking the NxTSTOP in our lives.

Why NxTSTOP Started

NxTSTOP exists to encourage positive cultural interaction through travel, and seeks to drive growth of sustainable economic practices via innovative products that can help save the planet.

Positive Cultural Interaction

Let’s face it: the process of traveling can sometimes be difficult, uncomfortable, and isolating. Adventures however are best when you look good, feel great, and meet amazing people along the way. What you wear should keep you comfortable, optimize your travel wardrobe needs, and also help you connect with other like-minded explorers. Take less and do more while broadcasting your passion about where you have been, where you are, and where you aspire to be.

Sustainable Economic Growth

We travelers have an obligation to protect the world that is our playground. Apparel can be, and MUST be, a force for positive change - ecologically, socially, economically. That is why NxTSTOP has committed to sustainable practices. By leading and promoting the power of eco-friendly innovation, we can influence the world in a positive way to ensure the future of our planet.

What We Do

We make functional, eco-friendly, stylish travel clothing and accessories to help you reach every destination in your journey. They are made for the traveler, by the traveler. Our on-the-go attire, especially our Travleisure™ products, are architected for versatility that travel demands. They will be the first thing you put on before heading out the door, and help keep your suitcase lighter heading to the #nxtstop in your journey.


Brendan Kennedy - Founder & CEO

Lauren Fourie - Head Merchant

Kim Roach - Sales

Veronika Jollivette - Customer Service

Jay Prasad - Strategy Advisor

James "Jay" Day - Business Development

Danny Goodrich - Legal Advisor

Cami Keller - Sales Consultant

Alyssa Palmer - Sales Consultant

Contact Us:

3111 N. Houston Street, #1815

Dallas, TX 75219