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What We Believe

Life is a series of adventures to explore. Adventures can be anywhere and everywhere – down the road, across the water, or off the beaten path. We travel to find beautiful places and to meet people who will change us forever. Diversity is in our DNA. For us, borders do not exist. We are the world’s 21st century explorers, discovering experiences to positively shift our views to be a force for good, always seeking the NxTSTOP in our lives.

Why NxTSTOP Started

Let’s face it: the process of traveling can sometimes be difficult, uncomfortable, and isolating. Adventures however are best when you look good, feel great, and meet amazing people along the way. What you wear should keep you comfortable, optimize your travel wardrobe needs, and also help you connect with other like-minded explorers. Take less and do more while broadcasting your passion about where you are from, where you have been, where you are, and where you aspire to be.

What We Do

We make traveleisure clothing and accessories to help you reach every destination in your journey. Traveleisure combines fashion and travel utility through five foundational elements. Collections are breathable, comfortable, stylish, versatile, and wrinkle-resistant. They are made for the traveler, by the traveler. Our on-the-go attire will be the first thing you put on before heading out the door, and it will keep your suitcase lighter along the way. Most importantly, it will be your symbol, your passport stamp, to showcase to the world when you reach the #nxtstop in your journey.

The Team

Brendan Kennedy


Favorite destination this year? Yucatan, Mexico.

Lauren Fourie


Favorite destination this year? Hong Kong, China

Erica Palmer


Favorite destination this year? Vienna, Austria

Eric Logan

Business Development

Favorite destination this year? Guanacaste, Costa Rica

From The Founder

What Is NxTSTOP To You?


"Travel is about the physical journey and the life journey. I want to feel ready for every adventure while connecting with people to explore and share experiences with me."

When getting ready for a trip, I have a go-to uniform. It's what I wear to ensure I'm perfectly comfortable anywhere and everywhere. It's also how I show off my globetrotter attitude; a billboard to those I meet along the way.

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