Women's Guide: How To Dress For Long Flights

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When you're headed on a trip that requires a long flight (or flights) to get there, it's key that your outfit is super comfortable and versatile enough to handle before, during, and after the plane ride itself. 

Get The Right Travel Pants 

First off, make sure the pants will keep you warm - there's nothing worse than to feel a draft that makes you miserable in flight. Second, make sure you have enough pockets to fit passport, phone, cards, cash, etc - juggling your valuables between a purse just means more chances to lose them. Third, choose a pant that can be dressed up and dressed down, which will ultimately save space in your luggage (and time in choosing outfits). The women's skinny pant with five pockets is simply a winner. They are wrinkle-resistant and odor resistant so you can feel good wearing them for the entire length of your trip without a wash.

Wear A Light Sweatshirt

Let's face it ladies: even in spring or summer, we'll be cold at some point on that plane or in the over air conditioned terminal! Opt for a sweatshirt that is cozy but lightweight and easy to carry, or even a true hoodie. This way you can keep the coat in your bag during the flight. Added bonus: the sweatshirt is just as great to wear lounging in your hotel room, wearing out for a casual night night or for other outdoor physical activity like hiking when it's a bit chilly. 

Base Layer The Correct Way

On the plane I want to feel like I'm in cozy PJs so I can sleep for the whole flight. Organic cotton is a nice choice if you have it, but Buttery soft bamboo is my go-to, and the moisture-wicking and breathability make it perfect for changing temperatures. For colder times of the year I prefer a longsleeve shirt with thumbholes to keep it from bunching up under my sweatshirt. 

Accessorize Like A Pro

As a travel veteran, these are a MUST have for me!

    1. Bring your own reusable, collapsible water bottle! Don't you just hate being thirsty on a flight (or paying $6 for Poland Spring in the airport)? Luckily most airports now have water bottle filling stations, so fill up after security, and stay hydrated all the way through connections, to your hotel. Added bonus: use it daily for any outdoor activities.
    2. A multipurpose packable blanket. Those cheap airplane blankets (if you can even get one!) simply don't cut it. Use the blanket not just to cover yourself, but also as a lumbar support in the seat if you prefer, which makes a huge difference the longer you're sitting! Added bonus: you've got a good extra blanket for the AirBnb or any outdoor adventures during the trip!
    3. A simple travel hat to keep my hair out of my face, use for sleeping on the plane, and of course for anything I'm doing outside. 
    4. Breathable, soft, and preferably odor-resistant masks. Masks are still mandatory for travel in the U.S., as well as generally in many countries outside the U.S. Don't be miserable wearing cheap mask that is scratchy, stuffy, and uncomfortable! I usually bring 5, and here's why.

Choose the Right Footwear 

No matter what you'll need cute but multi-purpose shoes that can be dressed up or down. Ideally they should be easy on and off, and some companies like Rothy's have some excellent options that are simple, stylish and versatile.

While in transit, do your feet a favor and keep them toasty with the right socks. For me, merino wool socks are a great option for flights between up to 5 hours. I can also wear the merino socks a few times because the wool is odor resistant.  For a flight of 5+ hours, consider some medium grade travel compression socks. They can alleviate swelling that happens while sitting continuously and help boost your circulation. 

Good luck on your upcoming trip! NxTSTOP offers a comprehensive selection of the best travel clothing that is stylish and functional. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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