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Why You Should Bring 5 Face Masks On Your Next Trip

Face masks are the new socks. You'll be wearing them everyday, they'll get dirty quickly, and you'll lose them constantly. With travel, it's even more complex. You'll be going through different unique situations each day that require different functionality. 

Why? Because every point in between your home and destination requires a face mask, so it's a marathon, not a sprint. Let's walk through it.

  1. Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Train going from your house TO the airport
  2. In the airport
  3. On the plane
  4. In the airport (at destination, during layover)
  5. Uber, Lyft, Taxi, Train going FROM the airport to hotel or Airbnb
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Here's an example: my latest trip to Aruba. From LAX, through ATL, and to AUA it was 14 straight hours in a mask. I went from hefting heavy luggage (think breathing heavily) to sitting in the plane next to others (think elevated anxiety about COVID) to tropical heat and hefting heavy luggage (think sweating, stuffy). And this is before your fun has even begun!

Once you're on location, you're going to be out and about a bunch too! Everywhere you go will also require a mask to some degree, so you need to be prepared. Think about it:

  1. Entering a bar
  2. Entering a restaurant
  3. Entering a market or store
  4. Taking public transit or a taxi Uber, Lyft
  5. Seeing a show
  6. Going to a museum
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Finally, both you and your fellow travelers with will lose or misplace masks constantly! Once again I'll use an example from my Aruba trip. While all of my friends are die hard NxTSTOP mask wearers, I noticed that suddenly my own masks started to show up on them! "Oh I lost mine at the beach" or "I left mine at the house." So I started with 5, but only had 2 left by the time I went home.  

Here's my five face mask travel quiver and why:

  1. 2 Movement Masks. One is purely for the airport transit and airport itself. You're going to be lifting and dragging luggage, and maybe running for a flight. It's not a workout per se, but you may be surprised how much you're breathing. The second mask is a backup in case you lose the first, dirty up the first, or for heat and hot environments on location (e.g., Aruba). The polyester does not stand up as well to odor resistance, so be ready to hand wash or rotate in the second. 
  2. 1 Bamboo Silver Ion Mask. I switch to the bamboo silver ion once I'm about to board. Why? Personally I feel safer with this mask because the antimicrobial properties are no joke. The silver ion allows this mask to last DAYS without washing. Its odor resistant properties alone are unbelievable and will keep you feeling fresh even after many hours on that stuffy flight. It's also just about equal in terms of breathability to the movement mask, but much softer on the face.  Option: include a backup mask for the return trip, or for rotating in for everyday use is your regular bamboo starts to get beat up. 
  3. 2 Bamboo Masks. Your everyday mask while on location. There's a reason why our Travleisure bamboo mask has been voted best all around performance by publishers like Trip Savvy, People, Vogue, and others. It's because the bamboo is your workhorse mask that is a perfect balance of soft comfort, breathability, and function. It can go many wears but stay fresh and clean. You'll be using it here and there all day long. Give your other masks a break (perhaps while you hand wash them) and opt for the bamboo while you're at your destination. 

In conclusion, make sure you stock up on a versatile mix of masks for your next trip. Our best selling bamboo, bamboo silver ion, cotton, and Movement masks can give you the functionality you need!

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