Travel Diary: A Weekend in NYC + NJ

Travel Diary: A Weekend in NYC + NJ

You can never be TOO prepared for a trip to New York let alone New York City. Little did I know I was entering one of the busiest weeks to travel to New York. Fashion week was ending, beauty conventions were starting, the United Nations were in town, and along with Mr. President himself, Joe Biden.

New York was little on the warm side when I went so I came prepared wearing my Liftoff Bamboo V-Neck and my Jet Travel Skinny Pants for the plane. My first top in New York City was Joe's Pizza, it is HANDS DOWN the best New York pizza EVER! 

Later on in my trip I of course went to the legendary Central Park for an evening stroll during all of the New York chaos! After my long walk I headed over to Felix Roasting Co which has exceptional coffee and even better bagels!

I decided to travel to New Jersey for a few hours during my trip and head to the American Dream Shopping Mall which is the second-largest shopping mall in America. Inside American Dream is a place called Big Snow which is an indoor skiing and snowboarding park. This was my first time skiing and let me just say, it's not as easy as it may look ! I made sure to wear my Getaway Mask Hoodie, Transit Bamboo Long Sleeve, Skyway Ribbed Beanie, and of course my Jet Travel Skinny Pants under my skiing uniform to stay EXTRA warm. 

My last night in New York I decided to treat myself and head over to The Lavaux Wine Bar which is "A SWISS WINE AND CULINARY EMBASSY IN THE HEART OF NYC." I got stunning cheese boards, creamy fondue, and delightful champagne. 

Learn from me and do thorough research before heading to the Big Apple. The one thing I did do correctly was pack the best travel clothes possible!

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