Weekend Trips from NYC

For our New York City folks, we have easy weekend trips you can take with your love ones or even yourself! Here are 4 places you can travel to if you live in NYC!

1. Lake Placid, NY

If you are looking for a nice relaxing getaway from NYC you must go to Lake Placid in New York. Lake Placid has lots to do such as shopping, swimming, hiking, food, and a Wild Life Center to check out! Remember to bring a hat!

2. New Hope, PA

Another relaxing place to go is New Hope, Pennsylvania. New Hope is an hour and 45 minutes from NYC. This is a perfect getaway if you just need peace and quiet. There are beautiful antique shops, good food, and lots of land to explore! You could even have a picnic, don't forget a blanket!

3. Shelter Island, L.I

If you are looking to explore somewhere historic, Shelter Island in Long Island is a beautiful place to be. This is 2 hours and 45 minutes from NYC. You can take a quick ferry from New York and feel like you are far from home. You can kayak, hike, enjoy cool cafes, and creeks. It might get hot so wear a light weight shirt!

4. Hudson, New York

If you are all about food you HAVE to go to Hudson, New York. It is 2 1/2 hours outside of NYC and is known for their food and shopping! Enjoy good food at Ca'Mea and Wm/ Farmer and Sons. Enjoy the Hudson River while eating delicious foods. There is lots of walking so make sure to bring a water bottle!

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