Weekend Trips from NYC

Weekend Trips from NYC

For our New York City folks, we have easy weekend trips you can take with your love ones or even yourself! Here are 4 places you can travel to if you live in NYC!

1. Lake Placid, NY

If you are looking for a nice relaxing getaway from NYC you must go to Lake Placid in New York. Lake Placid has lots to do such as shopping, swimming, hiking, food, and a Wild Life Center to check out! Remember to bring a hat!

2. New Hope, PA

Another relaxing place to go is New Hope, Pennsylvania. New Hope is an hour and 45 minutes from NYC. This is a perfect getaway if you just need peace and quiet. There are beautiful antique shops, good food, and lots of land to explore! You could even have a picnic, don't forget a blanket!

3. Shelter Island, L.I

If you are looking to explore somewhere historic, Shelter Island in Long Island is a beautiful place to be. This is 2 hours and 45 minutes from NYC. You can take a quick ferry from New York and feel like you are far from home. You can kayak, hike, enjoy cool cafes, and creeks. It might get hot so wear a light weight shirt!

4. Hudson, New York

If you are all about food you HAVE to go to Hudson, New York. It is 2 1/2 hours outside of NYC and is known for their food and shopping! Enjoy good food at Ca'Mea and Wm/ Farmer and Sons. Enjoy the Hudson River while eating delicious foods. There is lots of walking so make sure to bring a water bottle!

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