The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Our team at NxTSTOP works from all around the world, so we know a thing or two about travel essentials. Whether you need a suggestion for yourself or want some gift ideas for making the Holiday season more enjoyable, we’ve got your back.


Wandrd Duo Daypack Backpack

This backpack made for photographers, travelers and commuters raised over $650,000 on Kickstarter. NxTSTOP’s Compact Reusable Water Bottle fits perfectly in the expandable water bottle pocket, and the independently-accessible bottom compartment is perfect to store NxTSTOP's Upgrade Soft Shell Jacket


Roost V3 Laptop Stand – Adjustable and Extremely Portable Laptop Stand – PC and MacBook Stand

Your neck, shoulders and back will be thanking you after purchasing this travel-friendly adjustable stand. While you're at it, get this amazing Hard Travel Case for your Apple Keyboard + Trackpad.

Apple Air Tags

These little devices keep track of your important items and are especially handy during holiday travel.  It has been instrumental in helping us find lost luggage and is a must have item in your passport/documents wallet.


Bose Sleepbuds II

Whether you're trying to dodge roaring plane engines or simply looking for some quiet in your next hotel stay, these white noise-canceling headphones are ideal for flying and sleeping. Once you learn how to wear them properly (multiple size inserts are included), they fit like a glove and won't hurt your ears even when you're side-sleeping!


Charcoal Tooth Brush by Seek Bamboo

Bamboo handled tooth brush to easily throw in a dop or makeup bag. Lightweight, rugged and natural. No splinters here, just smooth, natural, eco friendly travel tooth brush. Contains activated charcoal to natural scrub and whiten teeth with every use. On the go, easy and naturally sourced goodness.


Happylux Travel Pillow

At home, in a plane, on the train, having a pillow is a comfort to be afforded by all. This antimicrobial, naturally sourced, eco friendly Tencel Fabric is a must have for on the go modern day travelers. When all is said and done its machine washable too…


Transport Travel Blanket

Made for plane rides, road trips, campsites and couch hangs. Transport Travel Blanket includes a built in storage pouch that makes packing convenient. Stylish and soft enough to curl up on the couch, and lightweight and packable enough to bring on the go!


Theragun mini

Massage guns saw a 10% boost in Google searches this year. So why not get the absolute best in the market. This updated mini is now 20% smaller and 30% lighter - perfect for travel to relieve those achy pains. 

Ultrasoft Compression Travel Socks

Can you really ever have too many pairs of socks? Add these best-selling ultra soft, breathable and temperature regulating socks into a loved ones stocking and their feet will thank you. 

INIU Power Bank

Multi Device Wall Charger

Keep all your gadgets charged anywhere you are.

UE Boom 3 Portable Speaker

Pump up the volume from anywhere. Searches for bluetooth speakers rose by 200% this year. UE makes it so you can daisy chain them together, so if you and a friend have one, you can have a stereo experience. Great battery, easy function and pairing. Music makes the world go round.


Benchmade Pocket Knife

Best knife maker with the Axis best one handed opening. Whenever I am traveling, its my survival tool. If you’re camping you use it to make kindling or for cutting limes in your favorite marg at a beach.


Wayfarer Travel Wrap and Shawl

When traveling during winter, staying warm and packing light is essential. This wrap can be a blanket, scarf, or wrap with a simple fold and twist. You have multiple colors to choose from and the best part, its eco cashmere. Super Soft, made with natural fibers for the best next to skin feel.



Inventory Bolt Action Pen 

James Bond of pens. Minus the laser for opening vaults… All machined metal, rigorous click for all your twiddling anxiety. Low profile clip makes storage easy, and a pur joy to write with. Refills are only 2$, so use it often.


Leica Q2

This is the travel camera to end all travel cameras. Full weather proofing, fixed 28mm 1.7 summilux lens with a marco setting for the best food photos imaginable. And AUTO FOCUS, for true leica enthusiasts, a true blessing for the quality. 47mp of pure beauty. It’s what our CD has used for 5 years. Road worn through 25 countries.


Sole Low Profile Cork Insoles

When you are running through airports, city pavement, catching trains, and leaping over tall buildings… your feet are the most important asset. These keep your feet supported, protected and most of all comfy… Do yourself the benefit load up your favorite shoes with these.


Adidas Free Hiker GTX shoes

Adidas boost WITH gore-tex. Comfort + waterproofness make this the ultimate travel shoe. All conditions no matter what. Pack less and do more with one pair of shoes. We hope you either wear these, or you’re barefoot in the sand.



Prints of your best travel photos

Artifact Uprising from Denver, CO are a great print shop with wood or metal frames to match. High quality matte or gloss prints. Will make every adventure you take easily remembered when you come home to roost.


Goal Zero Solar Panel

For power on the go, for your phone, camera, apple watch, etc… folds up, size of an ipad, take it to the beach, take it on top of a mountain, take it wherever in your pack.


Black Diamond Headlamp

Making your way to the beach at night, or leaving your tent to do your business, light is your friend. Variable brightness to read and no distract your partner, working on your car, the uses are endless. Everyone can use a headlamp.


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