Small, but Mighty: Guide to Rhode Island Summer

East Coast summers are unbeatable. Something about the freezing cold of winter and our collective seasonal affective disorder just really makes the summer pop! Beaches, boats, ocean side cocktails! Here’s my summer hit list as a native Rhode Islander. 


It’s summertime. You want to sit by the ocean and eat clam chowdah. I’m an Iggy’s girl, but you also can’t go wrong with Aunt Carries. And don’t sleep on the clam cakes! They’re an RI delicacy. Savory fried balls of dough with tiny, almost undetectable pieces of clam. We’re in it for the dough. Dip them in your chowder and get ready to live. 

Beach options are aplenty. Narragansett Beach, Scarborough Beach, or even the lesser known Camp Cronin (great proximity to Iggy’s). Pack your beach blanket, buy a frozen candy bar at the concession stand, and enjoy! 


Newport gets all the clout, and therefore it gets the majority of the tourists. However, there are some must-do’s in Newport and we can’t deny it. Tour at least one of the mansions on Bellevue and walk the cliff walk. If you’re feeling fancy, go to Castle Hill and sit in an adirondack chair on the lawn and enjoy an Aperol Spritz. If you’re feeling low key then get loaded on Thames Street with everyone else. Both good options!

East Greenwich

I have to include my hometown, EG, of course! I’m going home this summer and my time will be spent on Main Street (Main Street Coffee for the best espresso martinis), and at the bars/restaurants down by the marina. Blue on the Water for dinner, McKinleys for a $2 draft beer/to run into everyone I went to high school with. 

Packing Essentials

Don’t get caught without a tee that stays wrinkle free and fresh - it’s going to be hot! Also, pack your lightweight hat and water bottle. Fellas, I’d recommend a pair of pants with good stretch that are also very breathable. Packing less and doing more is the name of the game! 

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