Getaway Cropped Sweatshirt: An Overview

Are you looking for a fun, stylish, and sustainable travel wardrobe? NxTSTOP is proud to add this comfortable, easy-wearing, and earth-friendly travel cropped sweatshirt to our range. A little glamour, a lot of comfort, and a footprint that leaves the earth just as you found it-what more could you want?

Getaway Cropped Sweatshirt: An Overview

We've made the Getaway Cropped Travel Sweatshirt with three key factors in mind- the earth that helped create it, your comfort and practicality on the road, and a little added style because who doesn’t love looking good? This packable sweatshirt for women folds up to nearly nothing, but still has the power to keep you warm and cozy.

Why We Made It

If you look for a woman’s cropped sweatshirt in a mainstream department store, you might find something cute, but it’s either going to be bulky in your carry-on or fall apart under stress- or even both! Digital nomads and global adventurers need a little more from their gear! So we got the best minds on the NxTSTOP team to brainstorm a lightweight sweatshirt for women that was easy to pack and durable to wear. With three funky colors to choose from, you’re sure to find the right vibe.

How We Make It

We didn’t just make a cropped sweatshirt for women and call it a day. We were sure to add some comfort features to make sure you love it as much as we do! The neck drawcord is mock, giving you a little style without leaving you a design that will choke you slowly the second you pick up your carry-on or laptop back. The relaxed fit is easy to move in, while ribbing at the hem and cuff keeps it firm and draft-free. There’s also comfortable thumbholes to ensure the sleeves fit beautifully. We added a little logo for an extra touch.
The fabric itself is a blend of cooling, sturdy organic cotton, and recycled polyester, giving you an earth-friendly design that will last and last. We added an odor-resistant finish so you can stretch washes and not have to worry about finding a laundromat before you find your digs!

When to Wear It

With this versatile piece, the real question is when not to wear it- and that's almost never! It’s light and packable, so it makes a great layering piece. Toss something underneath it if it’s chilly, or take it off when the sun comes up. It’s as good on safari or up a mountain as it is waiting on your flight, so be sure to take this practical adventure gear wherever you go.

How to Pair Our Getaway Cropped Sweatshirt

While you’ve got adventure, not fashion, on your mind, it doesn’t hurt to look as good as you feel, right? We’ve created an interlocking range of travel gear that’s perfect for the road. While you’re free to dress your way, why not check out these other NxTSTOP goodies that pair perfectly with your new sweatshirt?

Pairing #1 - Transit Bamboo Long Sleeve Tee

This soft and breathable bamboo silver ion shirt pairs perfectly with your sweatshirt. Whether you need an extra layer to keep you warm, or you want to be able to take off the sweatshirt when the morning warms up, this can be your go-to layering piece. The real silver ion threads are extra odor-resistant to give you all day protection wherever you go!

Pairing #2 - Jet Travel Skinny Pants

Looking for a pair of pants that will stand up to everything the road throws at it? Look no further! These stylish skinny pants are made from a robust, yet breathable, material that feels fantastic and looks good too. Expertly designed with 4-way stretch, and containing the same Swiss antimicrobial finish as the men's travel pant they’ll go wherever you go, and make you feel great doing it, too.

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

It’s NxTSTOP’s mission to reinvent travel gear for the modern adventurer. Light, practical, with a little hint of style, we want you to feel great. Knowing you have the right gear for the road means you can concentrate on the experience around you. No worrying about how to wash clothes or what to wear. Throw it on, and let the adventure of a lifetime take you away. 
But we know that nature’s miracles aren’t forever, too. So we’ve done our best to create a range of eco-friendly and sustainable travel apparel that will leave a light footprint on the earth. And we only plan to get better, too. We’re hoping to reach 100% sustainable practices through our supply chain and practices within the next three years. All while continuing to bring you only the best of packable, lightweight travel gear that suits your soul. 

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