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Product Spotlight: Airway Travel Pant

Can a travel pant look stylish? NxTSTOP is proud to have answered that question with a resounding yes! Today we’re introducing you to the Airway Travel Pant for men. Having said that, we know plenty of ladies who’ve decided these make a fun, comfortable women’s travel pant, too, so just check your sizing and have fun! With a low profile, practical color, and tough fabric, these pants will take you anywhere you want to go. Be sure to let NxTSTOP know where your next adventure lies!

Airway Travel Pant: An Overview

Are you looking for more than a jogger for the best travel pants on your next adventure? Look no further! NxTSTOP is proud to present a packable, lightweight travel pant that’s sleek, practical, and sturdy. What’s not to love? Here’s a little more about this essential travel bottom, and why you need it in your bag today.

Why We Made It

No one wants to worry about their gear when adventure lies before them! Do you have endless hours to prowl foreign cities? Not to drink in the culture or enjoy the experience, but hoping you find a laundromat- or a clothes shop to replace your torn pants? We thought not! That’s why we set out to create the best travel pants for men we could, and we’re proud of the result. These comfortable travel pants will go anywhere with you, and look good while doing so. 

How We Make It

Our men’s travel pants are made with loving attention to detail. With practical, zippered pockets, they’re a 90% Nylon, 10% spandex blend to ensure they adapt to anything you throw at them. With a patented Swiss antimicrobial technology embedded, they’re able to stand up to the rigors of travel without the need for excessive laundering, too. We made sure they were wrinkle-resistant, as well! With a special design trick or two in the gusset to ensure flexibility and ease of movement, you can go rock climbing or adventuring with no care in the world- we have you covered.

When to Wear It

Honestly, there’s no place you can’t wear these stylish travel pants! They’re sleek and discreet enough to pass for ‘good’ fashion, while also practical enough to hold up to the most offbeat adventure. With practical zipped pockets to hold valuables and prevent accidents, you can have confidence in wearing them wherever you need to go. The only question remaining is where your next adventure will take you!

How to Pair Our Airway Travel Pant

While these pants are fantastic, you can’t wear them alone! And no, taking a spare pair doesn’t count! If you're looking for some other travel essentials to throw in your suitcase along with your men’s stretch travel pants, look no further than these two great steals. Comfortable, practical, and good-looking- just like you, right? Together these 3 items make a travel outfit that will keep you comfortable and cool through airport queues, transport delays, and anything else you throw at them.

Pairing #1 - Getaway Mask Hoodie

Looking for a top that’s practical and versatile to pair up with your new pants? Look no further than the Getaway Mask Hoodie. With mask in-built, you never have to worry about leaving you mask behind if you set your bag down or pop into the bathroom. The hoodie itself is packable, light, and looks sleek and daring too. What’s not to love?

Pairing #2 -Merino Wool Travel Socks

Life on the road shouldn’t be uncomfortable! These soft, warm, and insulative socks are tough, ideal buddies for hiking. They’re breathable and forgiving on the feet, helping soothe and protect your most important travel asset- no blisters here! The secret to every great adventure is taking the right gear, and with these babies in your cart, you can’t go wrong.

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

Here at NxTSTOP, it’s our mission to keep you on the road while helping to heal Mother Nature, too. We’ve taken a great deal of time to design versatile, road-friendly gear that works hard and looks great. But we don’t just leave it at that! We also want to create a range of travel gear that’s earth-friendly and helps sustain the feature of adventure.
That’s why we’ve committed to attaining a fully sustainable supply chain and practices within the next three years- and we’re already off to a great start. From the materials we use to the people who make our gear, we want to leave only great memories of global adventures behind. 

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