Upgrade Soft Shell Jacket: Product Overview

Are you looking for a packable jacket that’s soft, light, and stylish? Look no further than NxTSTOP’s bonded fleece Upgrade Soft Shell Jacket. Ready to throw in your backpack and explore the world, it’s a men’s travel wardrobe must-have.

Upgrade Soft Shell Jacket: An Overview

The adventurer heading off-road and into the wild doesn’t have time to fret about delicate, terrible outerwear. You need a travel jacket for men that’s light, packable, but still robust enough to hold up on the road. A handy pocket or two for your goodies- including a water-resistant one for your documents- makes sure you can always travel easily. Sleek lines look good, while a practical design has your back covered-literally.

Why We Made It

A lightweight travel jacket is a must, whether you’re on the road or in the skies. Layer it up for a flight or hike, throw it in a bag until the tropical rains hit, or just have the peace of mind of knowing bad weather won’t cut your trip short. 
Here at NxTSTOP, we know it’s not just about the clothes or the adventure, however. You want to make sure we’ll be enjoying the beauties of travel for generations to come. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to sustainable adventure wear you can always trust.

How We Make It

This ultra-soft travel jacket is made from bonded fleece with C6 DWR finish and brushed back. Think 86% Recycled Polyester with 14% Spandex for a little stretch and comfort. Articulated sleeves ensure easy wearing with no irritation, while clean lines keep you looking smart too. The jersey cuff keeps drafts at bay, making this great for a hike or a chilly day on the tarmac waiting for your flight. There's even a waterproof pocket on the chest you can use to store things like a face mask, and then you can wipe it out with a sanitary cloth or hand sanitizer to sterilize it. And it’s machine washable, too!

When to Wear It

This men’s travel jacket will go anywhere with you, so don’t let us cramp your style! It’s perfect for hikes, especially where you’re hot, but you want to make sure the weather doesn’t turn. While fleece isn’t fully water repellent, it’s even water-resistant, and is wind resistant too. Pack it for the plane, allowing comfortable layers, or take it into the wild with you.

How to Pair Our Upgrade Soft Shell Jacket

A travel jacket with pockets goes anywhere and does anything! But if you’re looking for some stylish inspiration from the rest of NxTSTOP’s range, why not try these with your new jacket?

Pairing #1 -  Bamboo Crewneck Tshirt

Every man on the road needs a comfortable t-shirt. Whether you’re layering it for warmth, or strutting your stuff, it’s simple, practical, and acceptable almost anywhere. Bamboo is breathable and sustainable, and feels good on the skin, too.

Pairing #2 - Airway Travel Pants

Airway Travel Pants are perfect to put under your travel jacket. Simple, sleek, robust, and practical, you can wear them anywhere. Black is elegant, and won’t show the dust or dirt. The gusset is built for comfort and mobility, so they’ll take you hiking or let you catch up on winks in transit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curiosity is the very reason we travel! If you’d like to know anything at all about our ultrasoft travel jacket, feel free to reach out. But here’s two common questions we hear.

Product FAQ #1 - Why use it for travel?

We’ve tried to create a jacket that has a seamless blend of professional, clean lines, packable lightness, and practicality. Stay warm and cozy, or throw it in your bag. Wear all 

Product FAQ #2 - How is it so SOFT?

Ah, that would be telling! We’ve specially designed the brushed fleece for a comfortable, ultra-soft feel against the skin. The soft shell is wind- and water-resistant, but still malleable enough to feel great on your body, too.

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

Sustainability, practicality, and adventure are the NxTSTOP foundations. We want to encourage modern explorers to enjoy the wonderful world around them, without leaving a fashion footprint we can’t excuse. That’s why we’re committed to creating a range that’s only getting more sustainable with time. 
Life is an adventure, why spend it in one place? There’s mountains to crest and cultures to explore. Whether you’re a rough-and-ready backpacker, or you like some of life’s little luxuries on the road, you’re sure to find the perfect fit in NxTSTOP’s special collection of travel-friendly, great-looking garments. 
Curious to know more about NxTSTOP and our values? The team is always excited to hear from our fans, so feel free to reach out today!

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