Product Profile: Getaway Mask Hoodie

Are you looking for a black travel hoodie that combines practicality and comfort with sleek elegance? Then look no further. The NxtSTOP Getaway Mask hoodie will keep you warm and toasty and looking stylish, too.

Getaway Mask Hoodie: An Overview

There’s a reason that hoodies are some of the most ‘borrowed’ items we have in our wardrobes. Light, practical, and smart, it couldn’t be easier to throw in your carry-on and get on with roaming the globe. With the built-in mask ensuring a simple, easy travel process even in trying circumstances, you can travel light without compromising on style. If you’re heading out on your next adventure and need the perfect companion, the Getaway Mask Hoodie is waiting for you.

Why We Made It

21st Century Adventurers need gear that can stand up to the rigors of travel. Life on the go doesn’t have time for hand-washing only and delicate fabrics, but no one wants to look and feel scruffy, either. You want to be able to focus on the road, not on finding the next laundromat! So NxTSTOP has created a hoodie that’s eye-catching, unique, and your perfect companion on the road. No sweat, no smell (it's odor-resistant), just you and your hoodie on a global adventure.

How We Make It

Made with 56% cotton for added breathability, 44% recycled polyester for toughness, an odor-resistant finish, and 100% dedication to creating practical, fun fashion you love to wear, this breathable and ultra-soft hoodie has a built-in face mask for added convenience. No risk of leaving anything behind in a hotel or airport bathroom with the all-in-one convenience.

When to Wear It

With its versatile design and practical color, this hoodie can go everywhere with you. We love it paired with our Liftoff Bamboo Crewneck, Airway Travel Pants powered by HeiQ V-Block, and Ultrasoft Compression Socks for airplane travel that means you can disembark and get right to business. Throw it in a bag and go- it will always be there when you need it most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to know a little more about this novel mask hoodie design? Let’s dive right in.

Product FAQ #1 - Why travel with this hoodie with mask?

This lightweight travel hoodie is not only warm and comfortable, but we’ve designed it to be odor resistant, so you needn’t worry about life on the road catching up with you. So light and comfortable it can fit in any bag easily, the brushed back soft fabric will woo you to sleep no matter where you are. It’s relaxed but smart. Practical, but whimsical. Stylish, but rugged. The perfect companion for the road!

Product FAQ #2 - Does this black hoodie with mask have pockets, too?

We’ve carefully designed our black travel hoodie to have all the pockets you need for travel essentials. There’s even a hidden hem pocket with zip to ensure your smallest valuable can be tucked away safely. Even hidden cash!

How to Pair Our Getaway Mask Hoodie

The very best thing about this soft travel hoodie is you can wear it with anything. Your style, your way. Looking for some inspiration? Try these two fantastic items with your new hoodie. You’ll soon wonder how you ever did without them!

Pairing #1 - Liftoff Bamboo Crewneck

If you’re traveling, you know that layering clothing is the best trick to ensure a comfortable experience. That way you can switch and swap as needed, ensuring your comfort all the way. This light and breathable shirt will fit perfectly under the travel hoodie with mask, keeping you comfortable all flight long.

Pairing #2 - Ultrasoft compression Socks

This pair of soft and practical compression socks will keep your ankles and calves comfortable during the changing altitudes of air travel, ensuring good blood flow. Compression socks help reduce the risk of DVT from travel pressure changes, and feel great too!

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

What is the NxTSTOP difference? In a world with no borders, where the travel never ends, it’s important we treat life, the planet, and ourselves with compassion. NxTSTOP is proud to have created a range of practical and comfortable travel clothing that’s working towards 100% sustainability, too. By leading and promoting the power of Eco-friendly innovation, we can influence the world in a positive way to ensure the future of our planet. We work with a host of worthy nonprofits to help ensure that every purchase you make pays back to the planet we’re exploring, too.
If you’re looking for fun and funky travel gear the world loves, that loves the world right back, NxTSTOP is here for you. Why not discover your new NxTSTOP look today?

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