Podcasts for the Plane

We all know the feeling: you board a flight, look around, and there are no TVs in sight (Spirit Airlines, we see you). Spare me the "you can stream on your phone" business, I don't want it! In that scenario, I make sure my seat back and tray table are in their upright and locked positions, I buckle up, and I dive into hours of podcasts.

I asked the NxTSTOP team what their favorite podcasts are, and compiled a list of the best of the best. Here's what we recommend: 

Brendan, CEO, likes include current events and poignant life lessons.

Podcast recs: The Daily, Modern Wisdom.

His current NxTSTOP favorite: Skyway Ribbed Beanie


Lauren, Chief Merchandising Officer, enjoys zoning out to podcasts on long car rides.

Podcast recs: Hardcore History, The Ezra Klein Show

Her current NxTSTOP favorite: Transit Bamboo Silver Ion Long Sleeve


Renata, Graphic Designer, isn't afraid to ugly cry at a great podcast.

Podcast rec: Heavyweight

Her current NxTSTOP favorite: Merino Wool Calf Travel Socks

Brianna, Social Media Coordinator, unapologetic true crime enthusiast.

Podcast recs: Crime Junkie, Something Was Wrong

Her current NxTSTOP favorite: Superlite Dad Hat


Katie, Marketing Manager, writer of this list and overall well rounded consumer of podcasts.

Podcast recs: Armchair Expert, Obsessed, Smartless 

Current NxTSTOP favorite: Getaway Cropped Sweatshirt


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