Packing for a Fall Picnic

Summer gets a lot of hype, but around here we love fall. Sweater weather, foliage, spooky season right around the corner! One of our favorite fall activities is a picnic. Gather a few friends, pack your blanket and a cooler, and plant yourself outside for a whole afternoon to get those fall feels. 

Picnic setup: Arguable the most essential item: a picnic blanket. Let's be honest, what is a picnic if it's not aesthetic. Our Transport Travel Blanket is a cool gray/blue hue that looks just as great draped over a couch arm as it does set up on the grass. The blanket folds up into it's own sewn-on pouch to be about 10". It's the ultimate portable accessory - perfect for tossing in a backpack or the trunk. 

Picnic menu: We encourage you to get carried away with a charcuterie board. Go to Trader Joes and load up on triple creme brie and Unexpected Cheddar. Don't hold back on the cured meats - salami, prosciutto, and no one will be upset about a little pepperoni! Here's a tutorial on how to create those salami roses in case your picnic partner is someone you're trying to impress. 

Picnic entertainment: Just in case picnic wine isn't enough to keep you entertained (can't relate), you can bring some backup entertainment. Frisbee or bocce are great for a sporty crew. Checkers, cards, or the forehead game are all winners. 

Get out there and enjoy. Don't forget to tag us @nxtstopapparel !

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