NxTSTOP vs. Other Brands

NxTSTOP vs. Other Brands

You may be wondering, what makes NxTSTOP so different from other brands? 

NxTSTOP vs. Trendy Street Style Brands

A major difference between NxTSTOP and our competitors is that we manufacture sustainably. All of our products are ethically produced using eco-friendly materials. Trend-forward fashion brands offer t-shirts at a similar price points but they're produced at a higher cost to the planet. We commit to sustainability by making timeless apparel without harming the earth. Take our Liftoff Crewneck Tees for example - they're made of bamboo which is a highly sustainable (and buttery soft) material. Bundle and save by getting 3 of our tees for $80. 

NxTSTOP vs. Workwear Brands

Post-pandemic, many brands are figuring out how to create workwear clothing without sacrificing comfort (many of us have been working in our pajamas, after all!) We entered this space with our Jet Travel Skinny Pant and our Airway Pant. We prioritized stretch, comfort, and all day wearability with clean and stylish silhouettes. What separates us from the others? We didn't just tackle the comfortability, we considered FUNCTION! Our best -selling Jet Travel Skinny Pant for women has five different pockets and it's designed to be worn on a date, plane, running errands, etc! Our Airway Pant for men is made of recycled nylon and it is wrinkle resistant, anti-microbial, and quick dry. Wear these pants while traveling and when you arrive at your destination they can be worn day + night!

NxTSTOP vs Major Fast Fashion Retailers

What makes NxTSTOP different from major fast fashion retailers? Our high quality materials. Bamboo, for example, is supremely soft, odor resistant, and very sustainable. We also use recycled nylon, or recycled polyester mixed with spandex to give you stretch and breathability without the risk of stretch, pilling, or sagging. Given that we're a small brand, we give extra special attention to design, detail, and quality that you can see and feel! 

At NxTSTOP we believe that apparel can be, and MUST be, a force for positive change - ecologically, socially, economically. That is why NxTSTOP has committed to sustainable practices. By leading and promoting the power of eco-friendly innovation, we can influence the world in a positive way to ensure the future of our planet.

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