National Park Road Trip Packing Guide

Summer's official kickoff is right around the corner so that means it's now high season for road trips to national parks everywhere. Before you set out on the adventure, here are some tips to ensure you're prepared. 

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Travel Water Bottle

It's gonna be hot wherever you go, so make sure you're prepared with a good, reusable travel water bottle for the car and the park itself. Many parks have refill stations right at the entrance and rest areas, so fill up often! 

a small travel water bottle is essential for hiking

Picnic Blanket, Backpack & Hat

One of the best parts of visiting national parks is having a delicious picnic lunch while enjoying spectacular views. The best option here is to have a small, compactible blanket to bring along on your hikes. Pack it in a small backpack alongside your food, snacks, and water bottle. Since it's likely to be sunny, don't forget a lightweight hat to protect your face from the sun. 

Lightweight, Multi-Wear Shirts

If you're out all day on-the-move, comfort is king. Make sure you wear a moisture-wicking, breathable and preferably odor-resistant shirt for the daytime. Whether that's organic cotton to be extra lightweight or bamboo for bit more performance. On cooler or rainy days you can also layer a light water resistant jacket.

@livewhatyoufear experiencing Utah

A Versatile Walking / Hiking Pant

A lightweight pant is key if you're walking around in wooded areas or anywhere that bushes or branches drag against your body. Personally I go for an athletic pant that is stretchy and made for activity rather than cotton or twill. If you have a pant with many pockets, you can also free up room in your backpack too. 


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