Moving To Medellín

Moving To Medellín

I’m currently sitting in the kitchen of my temporary home in Medellín Colombia; enjoying a cup of coffee while I write this, surrounded by a pile of paperwork that seems like it’s going to take an eternity to complete. So let me fill you in on how I got here:

A mountain of colombian legal paperwork strewn across a desk

I’m not the type of person to believe in coincidences, I believe that things really do happen for a reason. January of last year I hopped on a plane for a trip I didn’t realize would change my life forever (I’ll talk more about this on another blog). After spending three days in Bogotá and enjoying every single second, I wasn’t ready to go home. Experiencing a new culture is truly like a drug, the newness of it all is addicting, and it’s chaos beautiful. Unfortunately, the travel bliss must one day come to an end, and a week later I found myself at home in the United States realizing I wanted more from my life.

After deliberating for 5 months, I finally took the plunge; packing my bags, putting my belongings in storage, and selling almost everything I owned. My remote job had given me the flexibility to work anywhere in the world, so why hadn’t I been? With a quick but painful goodbye to my family, I took off on a plane to Colombia, not sure when or if, I’d ever come back.

I assumed my experience in Bogotá would be just as beautiful and full of color as it had been in January; but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In January, I had warm sunny skies and spent hours walking through the streets exploring the vibrancy of it all. And this time, I got the true Bogotá experience; gloomy cold weather, and even colder people. And top it all off, COVID-19 and Food Poisoning stuck me within the first week.

Language mishaps plagued me as I had been thrust into a Spanish-speaking country; even being fluent in the language didn’t seem to help counteract the shock my brain had been experiencing. One of these language encounters has now even spawned a viral video in Latin America for the ridiculous way I ordered my coffee (see video below). I was definitely not living the dream I thought I’d be. Fortunately I met Tess and Victor, two friends who had told me all about Medellín and how incredible of a city it was. After some convincing I decided it was time to book a flight.

My disastrous coffee order.

No, I’m not getting married to a Colombian anytime soon; but if I could marry this city, I would. Arriving here was like a breath of fresh air, I can still remember the view I had when I first saw the city. Something told me this would become a second home for me.

I quickly plunged myself into the city; taking in its sights, sounds, and flavors. I couldn’t seem to get enough. With just as many things to do as in New York or Los Angeles, with the relaxed nature of San Diego my days could be as slow or quickly as I desired. When it came to work, I felt more motivated to complete the tasks at hand, ensuring I had time to experience the city and the new life I started to build.

The original plan was to travel all of Latin America, yet soon became to see every nook and cranny of this new city. One week turned into one month which turned into 5 before I finally went home for the holidays. I couldn’t seem to escape the city, but in a good way.

Arriving in the states felt weird. There’s no other word to describe it. I felt lost in my home town as if it wasn’t where I belonged anymore. Medellín, you’ve stolen my heart, and I can’t even be mad at you for it.

Well, remember all that paperwork cluttering my desk? That’s what the rental process looks like in Medellín.

This year I’ll be setting up my home base here in Medellín and creating a CoLiving space for other digital nomads who want to have an incredible experience like the one I’ve had. I’m just now starting the process and will hopefully have found my new home by the end of the week. I’m not sure what experiences this next part of my life will bring. But im excited to find out, and ready for the journey.

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