LAX Lounge Access Special Tips

LAX Lounge Access Special Tips

If you're a frequent traveler through LAX flying Delta or more broadly SkyTeam, there are some new important lounge updates this spring. Whether you're already an elite Status member, are using a premium credit card, or have partner airline access (e.g., KLM, Air France, etc.), be sure to take advantage of these three opportunities:

1. New Indoor/Outdoor Delta Lounge In Terminal 3

Delta first premiered their cool Sky Deck® concept at Terminal 4 in JFK a couple years back, which allowed people to hang out and catch the rays during NYC's few nice months. When planning began for the same at LAX in Terminal 3, I got super excited. Let's face it, the old Terminal 3 Club was a sad place hidden away in the dingy shadows of the upper level. I almost (but not quite!) preferred to sit in the main level with throngs of passengers. Now after a long wait, the new Club is finally here.

In short, the new Club in Terminal 3 features an indoor/outdoor double bar, Sky Deck®, premium showers, and views of the iconic Hollywood Hills.  As Delta ramps up more volume out of Terminal 3, this is the place you want to be! Also, if Terminal 2 is overloaded you can shoot over here instead. Use those showers, use the deck, and relax!

2. International Terminal Lounge Access - Via Korean Air

When you get to fly out of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, it's typically a blessing. Everything in this terminal is better, lounges included. However, few people know that you can take advantage of them because they're all upstairs and access is usually through a partner. For SkyTeam, you can access Korean Air's lounge if you're flying on any partner airline as business/First, or have Elite Status. One guest is typically allowed too!

It is a HUGE lounge. There are also showers, super nice bathrooms, and 2nd floor deck overlooking the main floor shops that you can use to relax while munching on free food and drinks.

korean airline lounge inside

I particularly enjoyed the "outside" deck when I recently flew to Puerto Vallarta on Delta. They do keep it a bit cold in the terminal though so I kept my new lightweight jacket on, although I felt better about removing my mask for a bit.


outside korean air lounge wearing movement mask and lightweight travel jacket

Even if you've got 10 minutes it's worth a stop in just to hit the bathroom and stock up on water and snacks for the plane.

3. Reopened Secondary Delta Lounge in Terminal 2

Besides the main lounge on the 2nd floor of Terminal 2, Delta has now fully opened the secondary lounge on the left side of the stairs.  The airport has been packed this spring, so this is a great option to use instead of the main (bigger) lounge if things are particularly crowded. 

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