Labor Day Weekend Packing Guide

Labor Day Weekend Packing Guide

Summer is nearly over. With this blog post we encourage everyone to collectively forget that beach season is on the way out and instead focus on the long weekend that is to come! Labor Day Weekend is a last hoorah for summertime and here's our official packing guide for long weekend adventures:

1. Picnic blanket

Our Transport Travel Blanket is a must-have for any car trunk, backpack, or carry on. There's a built in pocket that allows the blanket to be easily folded up and tucked in. It looks cute as a picnic blanket or beach blanket. It is soft and warm enough to wrap up in during a drafty flight. This blanket is a winner (and bonus - it makes a great gift!) 

2. Not-dorky sun protection

A lightweight hat is *essential* for longevity outside during a long weekend. We like a very breathable, very sleek looking baseball cap. The Superlite Dad Hat will keep your dome cool figuratively and literally. 

3. Soft tees for layering

If you're new here, we love bamboo. Tees made from bamboo are softer than cotton, odor resistant, and wrinkle resistant. Wear it for multiple days in a row if that's your vibe. If not, buy 3 for for $80 and have fresh tees all weekend. Once you've tried bamboo you'll never go back!

4. Sweatshirt 

Long summer days turn into cool summer nights. A comfortable, good looking sweatshirt is essential for late summer nights. Take your pick of a cropped sweatshirt with thumbholes, or a hoodie with a built in mask

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