I'm Going to Jackson, Here's What I'm Packing

I've had a trip to Jackson, Wyoming on the books since I went last fall. I live in LA, and during the summer there's just something about my window unit AC that makes me want to leave this sweaty hell scape! Here's my full breakdown of my summer packing essentials:

What I'm Wearing on the Plane

I won't be caught dead in denim on a plane. Whoever originally marketed blue jeans as a "wear everywhere" type of pant really did a bang up job. I do care to look presentable, so I'll be wearing my Jet Travel Skinny Pant because they're stretchy, have 5 pockets, and I'll wear them again while I'm in Jackson!

I wear the Venture Out Organic Crewneck in a size M for an oversized fit, and I pack my Getaway Cropped Sweatshirt for an extra layer. Seriously, the cropped sweatshirt is a piece that seems so simple but will get you a ton of compliments. 

What I'm Gifting the Host

That's right, I'm packing a gift for my host! I'm an adult! My friend lives in Jackson year-round, and I know he'll get a ton of use out of the Travel Transport Blanket. It folds up easily for the trunk of the car and it makes the perfect picnic blanket. 

What I'm Listing To 

Kacey Musgraves. Enough said. I'm a cowgirl now. 

What I'm Packing for Hikes

We go for long hikes in Jackson and even though I'm a city girl, I know how to show up prepared. My hiking essentials are the Superlite Dad Hat and my foldable NxTSTOP Water Bottle. I throw these accessories in a backpack and I'm ready for that fresh mountain air! 

Tag us @nxtstopapparel and show us where you're traveling this summer and what you're wearing! 

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