How to Spend A Long Weekend in Kansas City, MO

You heard it here first: Kansas City is very cool and will only get cooler in the coming years (I'm sensing an Austin, TX vibe - don't @ me)! I just got back from a long weekend trip with my sister and to be completely honest, our expectations were low. We booked the trip to do goat yoga at Twin Pines Farm where our favorite TikTok star lives with her family and animals. Mommy Farmer is decidedly the most wholesome corner of TikTok and I highly recommend a scroll. 

We had 1 hour of goat yoga booked, and 4 whole days to fill. Here's what I recommend: 


Kansas City, or ~KC~ as the locals call it, has some really beautiful stores. Naturally we were drawn to the hipster part of town like moths to a flame. We were bowled over by Dear Society - their mix of new and vintage was divine and the women working there are a dream. One very unexpected shopping spree later and we left the store happy! 

Verdant is a dreamy flower shop across the street with very cool refill program on their house-made candles. Get inspired and just delighted by all of the unique home goods at Duet. My sister walked away with about six new pens. Live a little!!!


I could only bring a backpack on the plane (shoutout to Spirit airlines!) so space was very limited. When I need cute clothes that I style different ways for different settings, I pack my Jet Travel Skinny Pant, Getaway Cropped Sweatshirt in black, and my Transit Bamboo Silver Ion Long Sleeve


Kansas City is know for it's BBQ. The top recommendations we received were Q39, Joe's Kansas City BBQ, and Jack Stack - all fab options. We had great wine and tapas at La Bodega. Head to Billie's Grocery for a delicious breakfast or lunch. 


We spent a good chunk of our evenings watching Hacks on HBO and drinking wine because we're in our 30s and we're tired - BUT you'd be missing out if you didn't go to Green Lady Lounge to see live jazz. Plenty of seating, great music, immaculate vibes. We didn't make it to Crossroads Hotel to have a drink on the rooftop but it came highly recommended by locals! 

We ended our vacation wanting more! Check out Kansas City, find those hidden gems, and have a 10/10 long weekend. 

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