How To Find the Right Supplier When Buying Face Masks in Bulk

How To Find the Right Supplier When Buying Face Masks in Bulk

Face masks are now an integral part of many people's daily routines. They're present at work, at home, and school. Whether you are an employer, have a large family, host group activities, or any other circumstance, you should consider buying face masks in bulk. Here are some benefits and how to find the right supplier when buying face masks in bulk.

What Are the Benefits of Face Masks?

The events of the last year have made clear the need for face masks. Even without the pandemic, wearing a face mask when leaving your home has many benefits. Here are just some of those benefits:

Reduce Transmission of Airborne Germs

Coronavirus and many other illnesses are transmitted primarily via respiratory droplets formed when an infected individual coughs, sneezes, or speaks. Face masks help prevent these droplets from forming. They serve as a shield to prevent virus-carrying particles from leaving an infected person and landing on someone else.

Keep Others Safe If You Are Contagious

You may not even be aware you are sick and contagious. Some people may be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic but can still transmit diseases. Even if you think you're okay, wearing a mask is one way to avoid unintentionally sending the coronavirus to others, particularly those who are more likely to become seriously ill if infected.

Protect Yourself

Wearing a face mask can offer protection for the wearer and reduce their rate of transmission. The more people who use face coverings to prevent the virus from spreading, the less chance the virus is circulating throughout the population.

Use With Other Preventative Measures

Masks are most effective when combined with other safety measures. When at all possible, you should keep six feet of distance between you and others, especially indoors. You should also regularly wash your hands, which is probably good advice at any point in time. It is also helpful to avoid touching your face, as you can transmit disease through the membranes in your eyes, nose, and mouth.

Cloth masks are an effective complement to social distancing in slowing the transmission of infection. The most significant advantage of cloth masks is that they are washable and reusable. Disposable face masks, on the other hand, must be discarded after each use.

Benefits of Buying in Bulk

Buy More for Less Money

When you buy anything in bulk, you can get significant deals and discounts. These discounts offer the chance to save money. Buying wholesale is less expensive than purchasing retail because manufacturers add less markup than a reseller. There are also more chances for discounts if you buy more goods in one transaction, particularly if you continue to build a good relationship with the supplier.

Lower Shipping Costs

Shipping is the most efficient way to receive your face mask orders. Because you'll make just a handful of purchases, you'll be able to save on shipping costs when compared to ordering frequently but in tiny amounts. Your shipping costs will be determined by numerous factors, including administrative paperwork, pick-up, and delivery. Although you may have to pay more due to the weight and size of your bulk order, it will still be less expensive than delivering them a few at a time.

Pragmatic for Future

As employees start to return to the office and other workplaces, many will need to wear masks for the long term. Purchases made in bulk or wholesale provide a streamlined business method to reduce employees' risk of infection. Bulk purchases can also help reduce the need for repurchasing masks or trying to negotiate with wholesalers.

Guarantee Supply on Hand

The last thing you want is for you, an employee, or a loved one to need a dependable face mask and not have one available. If you buy face masks in bulk, you can make sure that you have enough for yourself and others.

You can also ensure the consistency and quality of the face masks that you give to your relatives, staff, or customers. A steady supply of the same brand and quality of face masks can help you develop good relationships with your suppliers and customers.

Choosing the Supplier

Once you've decided to buy in bulk, your next step will be to find a dependable supplier that can meet your needs. There are specific qualities in these suppliers that can ensure you are getting the best possible product at a great price.


If you have contacts who have recently purchased face masks in bulk, they can be a reliable source of information when trying to find the right company. Whether you have some names in mind from asking around or are starting from nothing, you should use research resources such as Google to find different businesses. Create a list of the different companies you locate and then slowly dwindle the list as you continue to research prices, quality, and many other factors.

See What Customers Are Saying

Once you have the businesses you want to investigate, look directly at the products they offer. Are the masks they offer the style you want or the material you feel comfortable using? With such a large order, you want to make sure the masks you buy are of the highest quality.

See what other customers who have purchased each product are saying. Weigh the positive reviews against the negative ones. When there are negative reviews, investigate further into why they felt the way they did. Sometimes these negative reviews are less about the product or service they received and more about outlier issues.

Narrow Down the Suppliers

You can also read reviews about the suppliers themselves. See how people felt after using their services.

Once you have narrowed down your list, contact the different suppliers. You can get a good feel of the mission values, deals, and more by speaking with a representative. You can make the initial contact by phone or email, then follow up by phone if you need more information. Once you've done this legwork, you can decide which supplier you feel is dependable and trustworthy.

We hope this guide has been helpful when figuring out how to find the right supplier when buying face masks in bulk. When searching for a reliable supplier for your bulk face mask needs, you can depend on NxTSTOP. We supply companies like Delta Airlines, Avis Budget Group, NASA, Samsung and many others with high-quality wholesale reusable face masks that are perfect for the home, office, and travel. We can quickly ship your choice of bulk bamboo or cloth masks anywhere in the world. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products.

How To Find the Right Supplier When Buying Face Masks in Bulk

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