Packing Essentials & Omicron Update

At NxTSTOP it's our mission to make the most packable, comfortable, and eco-friendly travel essentials. Spend less time and energy packing, and more time thinking about your upcoming trip! 

Our NxTSTOP Reusable Water Bottle is a must have for traveling. Our reusable water bottle is foldable, portable, and flexible. It's the perfect space-saver for overstuffed backpacks and suitcases! 

Reusable water bottle, foldable

The Transport Travel Blanket is a made of super soft lightweight cotton and it only weighs 1 pound. It's meant to give you comfort whenever you need it, like on a drafty airplane or packed in the trunk of your car for weekend trips! 

travel cotton blanket

The NxTSTOP Jet Travel Skinny Pant is the answer to all of your pocket woes. Our pants have FIVE discreet pockets, including a zipper pocket. The pants are thicker than a workout legging, but they're soft with four-way stretch for peak comfort. 

black skinny pant

Don't forget your jacket! Our Upgrade Soft Shell Jacket is water resistant for the holidays unexpected weather and features many pockets for easy accessibility. We also have our Getaway Mask Hoodie with a built in soft jersey mask and hand warmer pockets.

soft shell jacket, water resistant

We also have our Getaway Mask Hoodie with a built in soft jersey mask and hand warmer pockets.

mask hoodie, spruce

Omicron Update

When thinking of traveling keep in mind that the Omicron variant is spreading fast. The numbers around the world and in the U.S. indicate Omicron is now the most problematic variant. Here is some information from the New York Times

  1. Two weeks ago Omicron accounted for less than 10% of all new infections in the United States. As of today (12/23/2021) they account for more than 70% of all new infections. 
  2. Experts estimate that Omicron is at least 2x-3x more infectious than Delta was, but Delta is still a big issue. So the total number of infections will increase everywhere, it's not that Omicron will just replace Delta.
  3. Breakthrough infections among vaccinated people who have not had a booster are high. Pfizer and Moderna seem to perform better (30% defense against infections) than JnJ and AstraZeneca (much lower). 
  4. Boosted people seem to be very highly defended against Omicron (very difficult to get infected)
  5. Severe infections still primarily concern the unvaccinated. One study in South Africa found that if you've had at least 2 doses of Pfizer, you're about 70% protected from being hospitalized from Omicron.

In short, even if you are vaccinated you can still catch and spread COVID. This winter could be a very challenging time once again for travel restrictions.

To ensure you safety during this time remember to...

  1. Wear a mask to ensure the safety of yourself and others who may be at risk.
  2. Get tested if you feel any COVID like symptoms or if you have been exposed to someone with COVID. 
  3. Get boosted to help limit your ability to get infected. 


Check the CDC website for up to date information. 

Safe travels! 

packing with nxtstop

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