Get Your Travel Sponsored: Enter The NxTSTOP Adventure Scholarship

Are you an avid traveler who makes great video content, and want to get your dream trip sponsored? Well NxTSTOP is now making that possible through a new program called the Adventure Scholarship!!

NxTSTOP is looking for adventurous travelers who want to do something incredible. All you need to do is pitch us your coolest travel idea and we just might pay for it! 

Here's how it works. Fill out the application here

The application asks for adventure preferences that you're considering (e.g., mountain beach, jungle, desert, etc), and you'll eventually upload video pitches to tell us about you and where you'd like to go!

Have fun with the videos and make sure you're pitching a trip that you will be super passionate about - be if for food, culture, sports, etc. - so that we can get the best sense of what your adventure will be. 

We will select a winner(s) for Q4 2022 depending on slot availability. 

Just keep in mind that their are some requirements for the creators who participate in the program:

  • NxTSTOP allowed usage of creator content in perpetuity for paid media and organic usage
  • NxTSTOP is not responsible for damages or liability that may occur during the “adventure”
  • Creator must be wearing NxTSTOP throughout their trip, especially in the videos
  • Creators must film a daily vlog recounting their day (if you aren’t already vlogging in public) 
    • We can pull the audio from this and overlay the video
  • We may follow up with the creator and request more video content following their trip

Sign up here today!!  

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