Falling in Love…

Falling in Love…

You know that glimmer in your eyes when you find yourself deeply enamored? Everything feels new, everything exciting, like breathing again for the first time?

And that smile; ear to ear.

I’m starting to see it in one of my friends, but it’s not showing for a person. It’s showing for a place, a new culture, a new experience.

Colombia + Ken 4Ever

This week I invited Ken Conklin, a business and fitness coach from the United States to get WAY out of his comfort zone and come join me in Colombia.

Ken rocking our Mask Hoodie in Bogotá

Ken’s an incredible relaxed and kind man with a motivational side that rivals that of a marine (see what I mean here). As someone with such an ingrained daily routine and a strict fitness regime I was nervous to see how his experience traveling through this colorful country would go.

So far he’s taken it in stride like nobody I’ve seen before; partaking in the culture, asking questions to understand it on a deeper level, and taking every opportunity to add more depth to his experience.

I’d like to mention that we’re about half way through our trip and he’s already thinking about extending his trip longer than we had planned; and we haven’t even visited my favorite city yet.

Experiences to Make You Fall in Love

As a fitness junkie, he found himself jumping and hurdling over obstacles in the street like a parkour pro. Bounding with energy to experience everything and everything all at once, I even saw him approach a few skaters on the street and ask if he could give it a try.

Surprisingly, Ken had some secret skate skills:

The Glimmer of New Experiences

It’s a reminder to me to always appreciate what surrounds you and to take new experiences in stride. We’ll never know how many of these moments we’ll have, and seeing the glimmer in Ken’s eyes reminds me to be thankful for every moment I get.

Aprovecha cada momento

Or as we’d say in english:


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