Exclusive Look Inside The New Delta Lounge at LAX T3

A few weeks back I did a post announcing the new Delta Sky Lounge in T3 of LAX. Now it's finally time to share some evidence from my recent visit. I'm happy to report, the lounge exceeds the hype. I rolled in at 5am in my men's essentials kit (Airway 2 pant, bamboo crewneck, upgrade jacket) looking swagged out, and glad I did: the place was already hopping. 

It's HUGE Plus Great Work Spaces

You come up the escalator and into the first main room, which spreads out both directions. The whole lounge is built to face out towards the north, with window views along many points. As you keep walking back there are a multitude of food areas, as well as phone booths, more private lounge areas, and desks where you can do work if you need. That said the main bar areas has a vibe to it that you can tell will be jumping if there's a big game on. 

The Sky Deck is LEGIT

I've been to clubs with different Sky Decks, including the JFK one. I have to say, the LAX one is just better. The view looks off towards the mountains, and you also have the runaway. But you're high up enough that you don't feel right on top of the planes. There's seats set right up against the window and a whole "bar" of high top work chairs you can choose from with a cool view. They even have some nice swinging chair pods you can lounge in too.

Shower it UP

That's right, the new club also has really nice showers (and bathrooms) that you should absolutely use. A lot of people bypass this amenity, but it's key. Think about it - you roll out of bed early for a flight, get to the airport with extra time, and you can shower right there. If you're connecting through LAX, it's even more powerful.  

Food Game is STRONG

I don't usually get particularly excited about the lounge food, but once again Delta seems to have made the extra effort. Each main food area has all sorts of hot and cold options that would qualify as full meals. For breakfast alone there were quiches, bagels, eggs, pancakes, and yogurt with granola/fruits (among other things). I'd wager that lunch and dinner options are perhaps better. They also have snack bowls out around the club with grab-n-go bars, fruit, etc. So, before you spend money in the airport restaurants, hit the club.

If you want a video tour, check out the TikTok we made about the visit. 

Venture Out. Connect. Go Beyond. 


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