Do you need a cheap Thanksgiving Getaway?

Do you need a cheap Thanksgiving Getaway?

As the holiday season approaches again, we begin to reflect on how hard we have all been working this year. We are all in need of a vacation and we have some options for you! Many don’t know this but flights on Thanksgiving day are known to be a lot cheaper. So, we have found 10 flights all under the price of $650 that you can purchase today for your spontaneous Thanksgiving getaway. Remember these are just examples, many more options exist!

Flying redeye on Thanksgiving day can make your flight even cheaper. American Airlines, United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, JetBlue Airlines, and Frontier Airlines are all major airlines that offer cheap flights on Thanksgiving day.

As some examples, below we have listed 5 potential places to go in the United States on Thanksgiving under $500!

Roundtrip flights in the United States (using LAX as origin):

1.New York City, New York $270 flight

2.San Francisco, California $197 flight

3. Las Vegas, Nevada $68 flight 

4. Miami, Florida $197 flight

5. Honolulu, Hawaii $429 flight

Below we have listed 5 potential places to go internationally on Thanksgiving under $650!

Roundtrip flights internationally (LAX as origin):

1. Loreto, Mexico $267 flight

2. Stockholm, Sweden $502 flight

2. London, United Kingdom $630 flight

4. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic $434 flight

5. Athens, Greece $595 flight

If you do choose to travel on Thanksgiving day be prepared to be at the airport a bit earlier than usual. It will be cold so make sure you're outfitted with extra comfortable, versatile pants and a soft cozy sweatshirt, pack extra breathable masks, research the Covid restrictions wherever you are going, and always check-in beforehand if you get the opportunity. 

soft comfortable breathable odor resistant travel mask hoodie

Stay safe and happy holidays!

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