My Digital Nomad Uniform

My Digital Nomad Uniform

Since I left my home in LA to go full digital nomad, it's been a curious ride, literally and figuratively. We're limited to the car as our home base to move between Airbnbs, so I could only take enough clothes to fit in my large suitcase, and I needed to plan for both cold and warm environments. I knew my NxTSTOP gear would be key to meet this wardrobe versatility, but I've learned a few lessons in the past month to really zero in on how. 

The Mountain Town Wardrobe

Thirty days in Breckenridge, CO has been a fun but blunt adaptation to mountain life. The motto "Always Be Prepared"comes to mind because the weather varies wildly each day, even in September. It will be 45 degrees at 7 am, 70 degrees and sunny at noon, likely windy and rainy in the afternoon, and then cold again immediately after sunset. If you're like most Coloradans, you're outside A LOT - hiking, running, biking, SUP, etc. and you don't have time to change in between activities. 

Here's how I dress for success.

The Everyday Pant You Need

No joke, I wear the NxTSTOP Airway 2 pant every single day, all day long. It's simply the best pant to be prepared for any activity or situation. For example, my girlfriend and I hike with our dog every day in the morning. When I head out the door at 630 am it can be pretty chilly, but once I get hiking I warm up quickly. The Airway two is light and stretchy, so it's perfect to wear along with my actual hiking boots.

nxtstop travleisure airway 2 wrinkle resistant tech travel pant

Sometimes we swing through some sit-down breakfast spots afterwards, so I want to look presentable straight off the mountain (ie no sweats). Later in the day we'll be walking around town popping into stores or visiting friends, and in the late afternoon we may head to the nearby lake for a walk or even another short hike before sunset. I don't have time to change even if the weather does, so I just stick with the Airway 2 for simplicity along with some trainers or my Feiyue low tops. Rain or shine, town or country, the pant goes with everything. 

Upper Body Layering

Fall in Colorado is decidedly cold, which means mornings and evenings require a sweatshirt or light jacket. While my bamboo crewneck is the essential cozy base layer, the outer layer depends on the activity. I've got the Getaway Mask Hoodie for in and around the house, walking the dog, etc., but more and more I find myself reaching for the Upgrade Softshell Jacket for true outdoors.

nxtstop travleisure upgrade softshell water resistant wind resistant fall jacket

Why? Well, the suddenness of rain storms has made me hyper sensitive to dressing appropriately. The upgrade jacket is both wind and water resistant, while the fleece inner lining is super warm. So I only need one jacket for basically any type of weather. Also comes in handy when your girlfriend gets chilly and needs to borrow a jacket (see below). 

 nxtstop travleisure upgrade water resistant wind resistant fall jacket

Upgrade to Merino Wool Socks

I've finally hit the point in my life where I'll never wear cheap socks again. If you're on the move constantly, you should TAKE CARE OF YOUR FEET. Sweaty, stinky feet is no good for anyone (especially if you're in a confined Airbnb or car!), and my active outdoor lifestyle is making this acutely important. Merino wool socks are a game changer: they stay fresh and resist odors for days on end, which means you can get away with multiple days of wear if laundry isn't any option while you're moving from place to place. The temperature regulating attributes are incredible: they prevent your feet from getting super sweaty, and they're warmer than regular socks anyway. As a bonus, the calf-length merino wool socks always go nicely with my hiking boots (I prefer taller socks to prevent rubbing) and look cool with my sneakers when I wear my pants rolled up. 

A Final Note - Stay Hydrated 

In the higher altitudes you get thirsty quick. In fact it's been shown that higher altitudes make your body lose water much faster, so you need to drink lots more water. My collapsible water bottle goes with my EVERYWHERE. It's either filled up, clipped to my backpack (did you see it in the pictures up above??), or folded up in my pocket waiting for a refill.  

Pack Less. Do More. 


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