Choosing a Breathable Face Mask for Running, Exercise, and Outdoor Adventures

Masks are now totally integrated into all daily activities. Going out to eat, working out, traveling, or going for a walk. If you're like me you've learned a few things about this new mask world: have a mask with you at all times, have a collection of masks to rotate, and choose your mask wisely.

Nothing is worse than being denied entry somewhere, or having to suffer through several hours of discomfort because you're ill-equipped. 

Earlier this summer we wrote an article about the benefits of breathable bamboo masks to show how mask comfort and function should be key considerations for everyday activity.  Now as the world cautiously opens back up, it's thankfully time for a return to gym life, exercise, and adventure.  As conditions evolve, so too should your mask to fit the need. 

What Qualities Are Key In A Sports And Exercise Mask?

When you're exercising in any way you're breathing heavily and sweating - two things that aren't fun with close-fitting garments. Think about the feeling of your hot, sweaty t-shirt stuck to your back. Now imagine it's on your face. Gross. 

Effectively you want to solve for three problems - allow maximum airflow breathing in AND out, dry out the sweat/moisture, and allow heat to rapidly escape - so you don't overheat or feel suffocated. 

We designed the Movement Mask using Recycled Cool Ice™ Polyester to do exactly that. 

movement breathable moisture-wicking quick dry mask

Allowing Maximum Airflow (Breathability)

People love our bamboo mask fabric for its silky smooth, soft fabric. By nature, its breathability is a result of it being so thin. It's my everyday mask for this reason. But, when you're breathing very heavily thin soft fabric may begin to suck in and out of your mouth. 

Choosing another type of lightweight fabric that's just as thin but has a bit more structure would be ideal.  The Cool Ice™ fabric we use is actually 13% lighter than bamboo while being stiffer to withstand being sucked into your mouth. 

Drying Out Sweat And Moisture

Certain polyesters are excellent at allowing moisture to quickly transfer over their surface and and be released to the air. This wicking and drying capability is key for sports.  

We use a smooth inner layer to bead the moisture from your face instead of absorbing it and getting saturated. 

Allowing Heat To Escape

Your body sweats to allow heat to dissipate as the water evaporates from your skin. And you feel cooler as this evaporation occurs. What you wear should assist this cooling process and feeling. 

Perhaps the most unique effect of the Cool Ice™ Movement Mask is its natural cooling effect on the skin that intensifies as moisture evaporates. The textured outer layer helps enable airflow and evaporation. 

movement breathable moisture-wicking quick dry face mask

Caring For Your Mask 

More than any other mask, it is absolutely critical to wash and clean your mask after each use. The increased physical activity means that the mask will be more susceptible to odors if not cleaned frequently. 

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