How To Choose The Best Mask For Your Needs

As the Omicron wave is now hitting every country across the world, it's once again time to mask up. But which mask is really the best one for you? As the pandemic has progressed, we at NxTSTOP have now designed various types of masks in different styles and materials. So, how should you choose the best mask? Here is a simple guide to help you figure out the best mask for your individual everyday needs and travel situations. 

Everyday, All-Around Performance: Bamboo Face Mask

It should be no surprise that the best mask for your everyday travels (trips to the store, restaurants, work, etc.) is the signature Travleisure® adjustable, reusable, washable bamboo face mask, trusted by millions of people worldwide. Bamboo viscose makes this is the softest mask possible on your face for ultimate comfort. It's breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant over long hours (and days) of wear. This is the mask that everyone should own as a starting point. We also have a child size bamboo mask (6 years and under) and a version of the bamboo mask with filter pocket (for adults). 

travleisure adjustable reusable washable bamboo face mask black

Active Lifestyle & Extraordinary Breathability: Movement Mask

If you're going to be heavily breathing into your mask for hours and hours on end, you NEED a mask that's going to perform. We designed the movement mask for playing sports, working out, and all situations where you must wear the mask continuously with lots of breathing. The recycled "Cool Ice" polyester is the most breathable fabric we make, it's ultra-quick drying and naturally cools the face for added comfort.   

best face mask

Ultimate Comfort and Protection During Travel: Bamboo Silver Ion Mask

For travel you'll be wearing the mask continuously from when you walk out your door to the Uber/Lyft, and likely over many days when you can't easily wash it.  Actual time in mask could be six, eight, or 10+ hours just on your outbound trip, and what about all the next days!? We created the bamboo silver ion mask to provide you ultimate comfort, breathability, and lasting freshness for travels for days. Taking the incredible properties of our bamboo viscose we add silver ion thread to enhance properties of odor resistance. This is the most specialized mask that can stand up to days of hard use. 

ultrasoft face mask

Extra Layer of Protection: 3-Layer Cotton Mask

For people looking for a three layered mask, it's important to choose a fabric that will not sacrifice breathability and comfort. Many 3-layer masks are simply heavy and suffocating. We designed the 3-Layer Cotton Mask with with the highest quality (and quite honestly, softest) cotton we could find, which is certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. You can feel confident you can wear this mask all day in a variety of situations. 


protective face masks

Quick Task Mask: 2-Layer Cotton

When you want a simple straightforward mask that has a bit more structure to it than the bamboo, look no further than the 2-layer cotton face mask. We use jersey cotton so it's soft and breathable, but the stiffer construction of the cotton holds away from the mouth to give you more "room." We also have a child size cotton mask for children 6 and under. 

protective face masks

In Summary, Build Your Mask "Quiver" 

Even after Omicron, it is very likely that masks are not going anywhere for a while, especially in travel. So take the time now to invest in masks that will make your life easy. You may find it best to build a collection or "quiver" of masks you can select from given the specific situation of the day. Masks also easily disappear (just like socks!) so at a minimum you want to have a few backups just in case. 

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