Behind the Brand P1: The Idea Is Born

Traveling has defined my life, and the constant movement I have undertaken to study, live or work in cities inspired NxTSTOP. I was lucky enough to grow up outside NYC, which was a head start to loving a mix of culture and having he city pride. The real travel though started in college when I moved to Palo Alto to attend Stanford. I spent the next six years ping-ponging around the world – first to Madrid to study abroad, then back to SF to finish Stanford, then to Paris to attend Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie program, back to SF for a job and finally settling back in NYC for my first career path job with Accenture.


As a consultant, travel lifestyle becomes your MO. Every week for two years I flew the Monday morning 7 am JFK-LAX Delta flight and returned on the Thursday late afternoon 4pm LAX-JFK one. Effectively having residences in both cities, I came to love both equally (something many native NYC or LA people will deny is possible), especially the SoCal beaches like at Corona Del Mar in the picture below. One day I was sitting overlooking the beach and it came to me that I was always looking for my next stop. It was through this passion that the NxTSTOP idea took shape. 

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