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Brilliant Ways to Make Your Next Flight More Comfortable

For many people, flying is a necessary chore; however, your flight doesn't have to be miserable. Whether you have a long or short trip, there are many brilliant ways to make your next flight more comfortable and ensure it’s a fun experience. If you're not sure of where to start, these ideas can turn any flight into a luxury trip.

Pamper Yourself

When we’re traveling, the last thing on our minds is skincare. However, packing a few simple essentials can help you reach your destination feeling pampered and looking refreshed. Pack gel eye patches or a sheet face mask. Put it on during the flight—especially if you’re flying at night—and you'll get to your destination with glowing skin. If you want to do double duty, pack a face and hand cream to moisturize your skin as well as some eye drops. Air on a plane can be dry, so you can avoid this problem by preparing ahead of time.

Dress for the Trip

Of all the brilliant ways to make your next flight more comfortable, your clothing could make the biggest difference. When you travel, you probably can't wear your pajamas—but that doesn't mean you can't be comfy. Wear clothes that are well-fitted and comfortable and leave the starched, fitted clothing for when you get to your destination. An ultrasoft, breathable material like a bamboo shirt is a perfect option as a base layer.

Additionally, as many people know, staying immobile on the plane probably isn't great for your health. Instead, why not help your circulation with pair of travel socks? Invest in a pair of ultra-soft travel compression socks—many come in fun designs and colors. They ensure comfort by helping to increase blood flow and reduce swelling or discomfort, so you can arrive at your destination safely. This is beneficial on all flights, but especially longer ones.

Bring Your Own Food

Airplane food isn't always the best. Plus, depending on your seats, you may have to pay for what you want. So, depending on your circumstances, why not bring your own? Airlines don’t allow passengers to bring outside food and liquids on the plane, but you can take advantage of many dining options in the terminal. Grabbing a fresh meal before heading to your gate will help you reach your destination feeling great.

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