Best Cuban Sandwiches in Miami

When I first went to Miami about 20 years ago, I was blown away by Cuban culture. The food, the drinks, the music is just all around you in a way that shapes the entire city. One lasting impact for me was the variety of delicious Cuban sandwiches - pan con lechon, pan con bistec, fritas - that you can get just about anywhere.

So, now that I've spent the last 2.5 months living digital nomad life in Little Havana in Miami, I made the most of it by doing the "sandwich odyssey" as many times as I could to explore the best sandwiches around. Here are my top ones you should try out for your NxTSTOP in the 305, and be sure to check out my TikTok video about it too. 

    • Mary's Cafe - this local spot is a bit away from the main area in Little Havana and is attached to Mary's Coin Laundry next door. It's an authentic spot with outdoor seating. It's the best pan con bistec that i've had (it comes with tangy mayo), and they make a mean choripan too.
    • Sanguich - the pan con lechon here is the best I've had. The meat is super marinated in mojo and the sandwich is expertly toasted/melted on the grill with extra butter to make it great. But, be warned because the secret is out and lunch crowds are brutal here on Calle 8. Better to hit it after 230-3pm for easier access.


      • El Rey De Las Fritas - as the name suggests, they have a big variety of fritas (cuban-style burgers made with chorizo meat shown below) for about $5-$7. If you can't get into Sanguich, this is a solid spot about 3 blocks down. Their pan con bistec is also a tasty choice.

      fritas cubana

        • Pastelmania - this is more of a bakery than a sandwich spot that's about a mile from the Calle 8 bustle, and the pan con bistec was legit. It's also a nicer location for say, a date or lunch with friends. They also have great pastries and more elaborate desserts if you like too. 
        • La Carreta - across the street from Versailles, I prefer La Carreta as a simpler, faster alternative if you're in the area. The pan con bistec I got was huge, and also a bit cheaper than it's neighbor.
        • Enriqueta's - this is my OG spot in Midtown/Edgewater, and also my only pick outside of Little Havana. I like that they use the traditional papitas on the fritas and the sandwiches rather than the pan friend cripsy onions you find in many spots.

        can't get enough of those cuban sandwiches

        • Versailles - the "most famous Cuban restaurant in the world" is being included here for the sake of inclusion. By all means go if you have the time because the food is good. But it's very touristy and they're not wowing me with any of their sandwiches. Good in a pinch because it's open from 6am til midnight everyday.

        Happy snacking! And if you have any new spots to recommend, let me know so I can go give them a try. 

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