Best and Worst Days To Purchase Flights

Did you know that certain days of the week are better for booking travel? Not to worry, we did all of the research so you don't have to!

It is rumored that Tuesdays are the best day to purchase flights - IT'S TRUE! Traditionally, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the days that airlines offer discounted flights. Purchasing flights either on Tuesday or Wednesday can actually save you close to $80!

A tried and true way to save money on flights is booking MONTHS in advance. If you're trying to book on a budget, then consider researching different months and comparing prices. When you've decided on your dates, pull the trigger and book those flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday!

Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are known as the business travel days for airlines. Why? Airports on a Monday aren't as chill as you think. Business professionals crowd the airports to get on flights to catch meetings. Many of these people come back from their work week on Thursday and Friday. 

As those individuals are departing, families are boarding flights for weekend vacations and adventures which leaves Tuesday and Wednesday as both the slowest and cheapest days to purchase flights.

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Stay safe!

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