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A Men’s Guide To Dressing for Long Haul Flights

Our grandfathers used to dress up for plane rides by putting on a suit and tie. Those days are long gone, and while we now dress more casually, that doesn't mean you can't still look fashionable. We've compiled a men's guide to dressing for long-haul flights to help you relax in style on your next trip.

Wear a Light Jacket or Blazer Outer Layer

Wear a neutral-colored, non-wrinkle jacket that can go with the rest of your travel ensemble. Black, grey, or navy can pair with anything, so it means you can avoid having multiple bulky items. Stay away from heavy materials like leather and opt for something lightweight if you want to maximize your mobility on your travels. Blazers work for summer months, but for fall and winter, versatile jackets that are around 1lb, have a soft inner lining but offer some sort of windbreaker or water resistant outer shell are the best option. Layer underneath to add more warmth. You can wear them not only on the plane, but out at night or for other outdoor physical activity like hiking. 


travel jacket


Go for Comfort With Your Shirt

If you want to opt for a more stylish look, buttons are your best friends here. Consider a short-sleeved polo if you tend to run hot or opt for a buttoned-down collared shirt if you get chilly or are heading to a cold climate. Either one of these options is great if you have to head right from the plane to a meeting or dinner too. 

If you’re in a more casual mood, ensure you have an ultra breathable shirt like bamboo to help regulate your body temperature. Regardless, choose a dark-colored shirt that doesn't reveal creases and cover any stains you might pick up on the journey.

Bring a Sweater or Pullover To Layer More

Bring a lightweight sweater or pullover with you if you tend to feel icy on flights or are traveling to a cold destination. Keep in mind that pullovers might be tougher to take off mid-flight. This can also be your next layer under the light outer jacket to keep you warm when it's really cold outside. Some hoodies now have masks built in that serve a dual purpose: they work as a gaiter to keep your face warm when outside, and you can also give your ears a break from your face mask ear loops (which always get sore during long hours of travel). 

hoodie with mask

Opt for the Perfect Travel Pants

This choice depends again on your style. If you want absolute lounge comfort, then a pair of soft joggers (preferably all with zip pockets to protect your things) can't be beat. But inevitably you'll need another pair of pants to wear out and about once you're off the plane.

To really pack less and do more, you could opt for a comfortable pant that can be worn in any situation. These lightweight travel pants for men give you the best of both worlds when it comes to comfort and style. They are wrinkle-resistant, extremely versatile, quick-drying, and feature four-way stretch, ensuring that you are comfy and always looking good. The best part is that these pants have antimicrobial features, so you can feel good wearing them for the entire length of your trip without a wash.

antimicrobial quick drying 4 way stretch travel pant

Bring a Water Bottle

You do not want to be stuck on that long flight dependent upon the infrequent and measly cups of water of inflight service. Do the Pro move and have your water bottle to fill up in the lounge or at terminal refill stations. If you have a collapsible water bottle to save space in your luggage, that's even better. 

Choose the Right Footwear 

You'll need to remove your shoes to get through airport security, and you don't want to fumble with laces. Choose footwear that is nicely cushioned and easy to put on and off, such as low athletic shoes, for simplicity and convenience. Of course, the more lightweight the shoes the better. Just like the jacket, choose a color that is neutral for easy outfit matching.

If you suffer from cold feet like I do, then choosing the right socks can make the difference between comfort and misery. For general warmth and temperature regulation, merino wool socks are a great option for flights between 5-8 hours. If your circulation is poor or you're going on a really long haul flight of 8-14 hours, a pair of travel compression socks is something to consider to help boost your circulation while you're sitting idle for that long. 

Don't Forget A Hat (or a Mask)

Often overlooked, a good super lightweight and quick drying hat is key to your wardrobe! Trust me, you'll use it just about every day of your trip, and you'll want it to stand up to the challenges. Whether it's to pull down over your eyes to sleep on the plane, keep the sweat out of your eyes while hiking, or protect you from the sun, your travel hat becomes your go to. It doesn't have to be an expensive hat, but make sure you can wash it easily and it dries quickly so you can get maximum use.   

Finally, invest in an ultra breathable mask for a long flight. The paper mask you wear to the store, an n95, or a heavy duty cotton mask is not going to cut it after 3-4 hours. You'll start to feel uncomfortable and there's really no chance for a break until you get outside of the airport at your destination. If possible, also opt for a mask that has sweat wicking and odor resistant properties to stand up to 6+ hours of heavy breathing. Here are some great bamboo and activewear mask options specifically for long haul travel.  

We hope this men’s guide to dressing for long haul flights helps you make relaxing but fashionable choices for your next trip. NxTSTOP offers a comprehensive selection of the best travel clothing that is both practical and trendy. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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