3 Great Chicago Restaurants for Under $30

3 Great Chicago Restaurants for Under $30

Here are three of our favorite restaurants in Chicago that are known for where you can have a top quality meal for under $30:


  1. Au Cheval: This place is known for its high-quality burgers and fried chicken. Some signature dishes at Au Cheval include the Single Cheeseburger, which is actually a double patty burger topped with American cheese, and the Mille Feuille, a dessert that makes the might crumble. 

  2. Xoco: From celebrated chef Rick Bayless, is known for its delicious and authentic Mexican street food. Some signature dishes at Xoco include the Torta Ahogada, a sandwich filled with slow-braised pork and drowned in a spicy tomato sauce, and the Cochinita Pibil, slow-roasted pork served with black beans and pickled red onions.

  3. The Publican: This restaurant is known for its high-quality, locally sourced seafood and pork dishes. Some signature dishes at The Publican include the Whole Hog Platter, a platter featuring a variety of pork dishes, and the Crudo, a selection of raw, thinly sliced seafood served with a variety of accompaniments.

If you are in Chicago and need some great places to eat while it's cold, grab your Getaway Hoodie and stroll on in to one of these great restaurants.

All images used are from the restaurants Instagram accounts

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