Movement Face Mask: Product Overview

Are you looking for a workout mask that will see you through sport, travel, heat, cold, and oh-so-much more? Look no further. NxTSTOP has designed a fitted, athletic face mask that will go wherever you do, and keep you feeling great all the way. Keen to know more? Let’s take a look.

Our Movement Face Mask: An Overview

A exceptionally breathable mask you can rely on has been a travel necessity long before the global health crisis. From keeping dust out of your face on safari and pollution in the big city, to helping you travel through global airports with less worry about your health, it’s a simple, practical addition to your backpack no matter where you’re going. It’s time to experience the very best in breathable face mask technology- and it’s fully sustainable, too!

Why We Made It

Strenuous activity and face masks haven’t exactly gone hand-in-hand. Until now! NxTSTOP knows what you need from your travel gear. Moisture-wicking and quick dry fabric is essential alongside comfort, durability, wrinkle-resistance, and peace of mind. That’s why we’ve brought you the Movement Face Mask. This soft and sweat-wicking face mask will soon become your skin-friendly companion on the road and off of it. And we’re sure you will love the colors of the range for a little fun, too.

How We Make It

This comfortable face mask is made with Cool Ice recycled polyester, to keep the mask durable and cool, with enhanced design features to create better airflow for sports and general comfort. Plus, no fogging for those who wear glasses or sunglasses! Every feature of the mask is inherent to the fabrics, not added through finishes, so you can breathe in comfort and safety. 

When to Wear It

This is not an antimicrobial face mask but it sure will stand up to whatever strenuous activity you throw at it. Find the right color to express your mood, or grab a handful for some variety. It doesn’t matter if you’re going to the office or heading out on your adventures, this durable, light, and breathable face mask will keep up with you. Tuck it in a pocket and forget about it- we have you covered.

How to Pair Our Movement Face Mask

Let’s face it- your Movement Face Mask will go with anything! Whether it’s your favorite NxTSTOP travel gear for your adventures, or slipping one in your pocket for a run to the shops, this practical face mask will soon be your go-to mask. Looking for some inspiration from the versatile NxTSTOP collection, however? Try these favorites on for size!

Pairing #1 - Men’s Getaway Mask Hoodie

We all get a little forgetful, sometimes. If you think you’re going to leave your Movement face mask behind by accident, then this hoodie with a built-in mask could be just what you need. With the mask already integrated into the design, there’s no need to carry a separate mask- or you can add it underneath for extra peace of mind. Plus, the odor resistant outer finish will keep you fresh all day.

Pairing #2 - Silver Ion Long-Sleeved Tee

Soft, breathable, and cozy isn’t just for your face mask! With this long-sleeve travel t shirt in your wardrobe, discomfort is a thing of the past. Thick and durable enough to wear as outerwear, it also makes a fantastic alternative to clingy traditional vests or thermal wear if you’re looking to layer up a look. With two super-practical color choices and the very best of bamboo silver ion technology to keep it odor-resistant and looking good, this will soon be a wardrobe staple for you.

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

Innovative produce, sustainable practices, and adventures to thrill your heart. That’s the NxTSTOP promise. We hope to encourage cultural interaction, sustainable economic practices, and care for the environment with every item we make. Look good, feel great, and experience the adventure of life your way. We believe travelers have an obligation to protect the beautiful world around us, so that’s why we’re here- bringing you quality travel apparel that doesn’t just look good, but is a force for social change, too.