Merino Wool Calf Socks

Are you in the market for merino wool calf socks that will last and last? Do you just want the best compression socks for travel? NxTSTOP is proud to bring you the very best soft travel socks on the market. If you already have a pair of NxTSTOP socks with compression technology to help support your veins and muscles, then the next step is the softest premium Merino wool to keep you warm. You won’t look back with these baby’s in your pack.

Our Merino Wool Calf Socks: An Overview

Did you know that cold feet- literally- are one of the most uncomfortable experiences people name when traveling? Whether it’s socks that got too damp fording a creek and didn’t dry out, or simply that you can’t warm up enough for a good night’s sleep, cold feet shouldn’t be a reason your travels get spoiled. And we’ve never understood why travel socks for men and travel socks for women are treated differently. That’s why we’ve brought you these cozy unisex merino wool socks- never be cold again!

Why We Made It

Every traveler needs a reliable pair of soft travel socks to help keep them warm and support their feet. They should wick away sweat and dry quickly if they get damp. They should have a low-profile knit to ward off blisters and fit issues. They should be soft on the skin, but robust enough to handle miles hiked on adventures. Merino socks bring all that to the table and more, helping you stay warm and comfortable wherever you go.

How We Make It

Premium quality merino wool, nylon for structure, and a touch of lycra for fit and comfort. That’s what makes these socks the best merino wool socks you will ever try. Easy to wash, with seamless toes and a unique profile that will ensure easy fit inside shoes, you’ll only find one difficulty- convincing yourself to take them off! They also are light compression socks for travel, helping to ensure the best possible blood flow to your muscles, whether you’re in the air or on the ground. 

When to Wear It

The special design of our comfortable travel socks means they are cool in summer and warm in winter, so take them everywhere with you. Durable and oh-so-soft, you’ll fall in love over and over again. With their calf-high cut and durable nature, they can stand up to life on the road. Merino calf socks are lighter and softer than regular wool, ensuring comfort as well as practicality. Keep your new socks away from bleach, and enjoy life!

How to Pair Our Merino Wool Calf Socks

With the fun, yet dark, style of these merino travel socks, you won’t have any issues pairing them with your favorite NxTSTOP gear. Slimline and discreet, they’ll fit under anything, and keep you comfortable all day. Looking for some inspiration, however? Let’s take a look at two NxTSTOP favorites. 

Pairing #1 - For Him: Airway Travel Pants

Skip trying to find room for jeans, or rolling 3 different pairs of pants ‘in case’. With the Airway travel pant in your bag, you won’t need much else at all! These sleek and slim black travel pants are smart enough to dress up, but practical enough to wear all day, every day. Wrinkle-resistant and antimicrobial odor-resistant, you’ll look and feel great no matter where life takes you, so don’t forget to add our versatile travel pants to your cart today. 

Pairing #2 - For Her: Jet Travel Skinny Pants

In case you’re looking for something a little more slimline than the Airway Travel Pant, why not try these skinny travel pants on for size? Stylish looks and durable fabric ensures they look more rugged and acceptable than average leggings, while retaining all the style and freedom they offer. Just like the men's pant this women's travel pant features the antimicrobial finish by HeiQ HYPROTECHT to provide long lasting freshness to the garment.

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

NxTStop is proud to be your partner on our journey towards sustainable travel wear that doesn’t hurt the planet we love. We anticipate meeting our 100% sustainability target within the next three years, between our supply chain as well as our offerings. We look for fabric and trims that are organic, recycled/recyclable, and biodegradable wherever possible. We also focus on clothing production that uses a minimum of water, energy, and chemical treatment, as well as ensuring safe, legal working conditions. And we make sure to check this compliance, too!
With our focus on safe, ethical production, we hope to reinvent the way we travel, one destination at a time. Wherever you go, remember the NxTSTOP is us!