Cotton Face Mask For Children

NxTstop saw how hard it is for parents to get an earth-friendly, washable, sturdy face mask for kids that’s funky and fun too. So we stepped up to the plate and designed our own! Powered by the same tech that keeps you safe, you can now get an adjustable mask that’s comfortable and practical for your child, too. Why not stock up on one for every day of the week?

Cotton Face Mask For Children

Our kids cotton face mask is lightweight, comfortable, and breathable, yet delivers all the protection of a double layer mask to keep them safe and buy you peace of mind. With this mask tucked in your pocket, your little one will be safe wherever you go, whether it’s on your travels or just the school run.

Why We Made It

A face mask for children is every bit as critical as face masks for adults. Yet it can be tough to find ones shaped and contoured especially for growing faces. Let alone comfortable, skin-safe masks that they can wear without wanting to take it off immediately. The more comfortable a kid’s face mask is, the more likely they will wear it. So we set out to create the perfect mask for younger family members, too.

How We Make It

Jersey cotton construction means this breathable face mask stays away from the mouth, but still offers all the protection you can expect from its robust cotton build. It’s dual-layer for extra protection. Easy to wash, completely re-wearable, and pretty to boot, your kids are sure to love it, and you will too.

When to Wear It

A soft face mask for children goes everywhere you need it too. Whether it’s for school or travel, your little one is covered. We especially advise our cotton masks for situations where your child will be in closer contact with other children, so it’s great for play dates and school. And, because it’s an easy-wear, ultrasoft kids face mask designed just for little faces, they'll forget they are wearing it, too.

How to Pair Our Kids Cotton Face Mask

Now you’ve found the perfect adjustable kids face mask to please even the fussiest little one, it’s time to add some other fun goodies to your cart. Remember that we offer free ground shipping for U.S orders over $50, and we ship internationally too, so you can always enjoy your favorites NxTSTOP goodies.

Pairing #1 - Travel Blanket

If you’re buying your washable face mask for travel, then we have the perfect, cozy travel blanket companion for you too. Whether it’s to toss in the trunk of your car in case of bad weather or emergencies, or to tuck into your seat and catch some zzs as you wait for your flight, this lightweight yet sturdy travel blanket will soon be a firm favorite.

Pairing #2 - Cotton Face Mask

Make yourself and your little one the cutest pair you’ve ever seen! This adult cotton face mask has all the features of our children’s face mask, just sized for you. Washable, anti-wrinkle, and pretty to boot, buy yourself a range of them and have total peace of  mind day to day as well as while travel ling. 

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

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Why should travel wear look dull and leave a massive footprint on the very world we’re trying to enjoy and preserve? With the NxTSTOP, you can roam the world and feed your spirit, secure in the knowledge we have you- and Mother Nature- covered.