reusable cotton face mask

Cotton Face Mask: An Overview

Cotton face masks offer a versatile, breathable, and skin-friendly way to keep yourself safe and comfortable. No matter where you go, these light and practical masks will slip in a pocket and have you covered. With careful construction to ensure the best possible fit, and a focus on breathable comfort to help you wear your face mask all-day, every day without pain or irritation, you’re sure to fall in love with this dual-layer cotton mask for its practical, no-nonsense approach to safety. Keen to know more? The NxTSTOP team takes a closer look.

Our Cotton Face Mask: An Overview

This breathable cotton face mask is a must for every traveler on the go! Whether you need it for work or play, it can go all day. We’ve heard your demands for a soft face mask that’s versatile and practical, and this 2-layer mask was the result. Let’s take a closer look. 

Why We Made It

A breathable face mask is key for everyone these days, whether you need it for your next big adventure or to wear to work. This soft cotton face mask offers the power and versatility of a biodegradable fabric with the protection and soft skin feel of modern jersey-cotton construction for wear-all-day comfort and protection.

How We Make It

Dual-layer fabric creates a breathable comfortable face mask you can rely on. Moldable nose wire and stretchy ear loops with a convenient stopper ensure a tight, but not constricting, fit no matter what size or shape of face you have, and assist in cutting down on fogging for glasses wearers.And, in case you are worried, all the care labels are tearaway, too! And it’s a machine-washable face mask, too.

When to Wear It

There’s nowhere you can’t take this ultrasoft face mask, so don’t be shy! Whether you need a practical mask to travel with, or simply a reliable mask for inner-city work and play, you’re sure to love the fit and construction of this reusable face mask. Shove it in a pocket and rest assured you’re safe. It’s time to live life the fun way again.

How to Pair Our Cotton Face Mask

Now you have the best cotton face mask lined up, what’s next? NxTSTOP is proud to offer you a full range of travel goodies to make your trips easier. Whether you need something convenient to toss in your trunk, or you’re packing for exploration, you’re sure to find something you love. Why not add these two practical, fun items to the bag?

Pairing #1 - Compact Reusable Water Bottle

Not only does reusable and compact water bottle cut down on the plastic waste you generate, but it helps you stay on top of your game, too. One of the things we most neglect during our travels is proper hydration, yet it’s essential to help us stay strong and healthy as well as fight off bugs and germs. Not to mention, having your own travel water bottle cuts down on accidental germ exposure, too!

Pairing #2 - Ultrasoft Compression Travel Socks

Compression travel socks are an essential item for everyone looking for adventure and comfort in one. The light pressure from the compression technology helps keep muscles and veins supported, in turn ensuring good circulation and reducing the risk of DVT while flying. Plus, they feel great! Keep recovery quick, and get tired less often, with the power of compression socks that are cozy and warm, too.

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

What do you say to eco-friendly and functional travel clothing that travels as well as you do? No matter where you want your next destination to be, NxTSTOP’s range of versatile travel clothing will get you there. We’ve perfected Traveleisure, so expect a range that’s as comfortable around your home as it is on a plane to your next adventure. Throw them on, and let us handle the rest. Your next adventure is on us!