Bamboo Silver Ion Face Mask: Product Overview

Are you looking for the ultimate skiing-friendly, soft face mask? Look no further than NxTSTOP’s Bamboo Silver Ion Face Mask. Wrinkle and odor-resistant, soft, breathable, and comfortable, the world is your oyster with this stunning bamboo face mask in hand. Perfect for travel, but practical everywhere, you’ll soon fall in love, so why not give it a try today?

Our Bamboo Silver Ion Face Mask: An Overview

Face masks and travel have now gone hand-in-hand for the last two years. With the global health crisis highlighting how useful personal protection can be, especially as you integrate into new locations and people, smart travelers know to bring a great mask along. Yet many modern face masks are uncomfortable, sweaty, and not skin-friendly. It’s time to reinvent what you think about face masks with this unique Bamboo Silver Ion face mask- you’ll never wear another again. 

Why We Made It

Protective face masks are a modern travel necessity, but travel with one is a whole different ball game. When you’re hiking to a wonder of the world, you need a comfortable face mask that can breathe with you. When you're sitting in an airport waiting for your next flight, you need a mask that’s robust, easy-to-wear, and sits well on the skin. Enter the Bamboo Silver Ion Face Mask- the most premium mask you can own that is a perfect blend of comfort and safety in one. 

How We Make It

Our breathable bamboo face mask is soft, breathable, and comfortable as well as being super sustainable and light on Mother Earth. We couldn’t just leave it there, however. With the added power of silver ion technology, you have a mask that’s wrinkle-resistant, breathable, odor-resistant, and ultrasoft as well as clean and sanitary. From dust and pollen to dirt and sand, banish droplets and particles for good with this unique silver ion face mask.

When to Wear It

This breathable face mask will travel anywhere with you. With wrinkle-resistant tech built-in, it will look great, too. Ultra-soft, it does as well in travel as leisure, so wear it whenever and wherever you’d like. It will tuck in a pocket easily, and can go anywhere with you.

How to Pair Our Bamboo Silver Ion Face Mask

With its soft, neutral color and immense practicality, our Bamboo Silver Ion Face Mask goes with everything. Looking for some inspiration, however? Why not try this comfortable, practical pair out for size? We’re sure you will fall in love just like we did!

Pairing #1 - Soft Shell Jacket

Cozy and practical, our Soft Shell Jacket is a light, packable and incredibly versatile travel jacket. Throw it over a pair of jeans, keep it looped on your bag in case of a turn in the weather (it's water resistant), or slip it onto the back seat of your car so you can stay warm no matter what the weather holds. It’s a smart way to dress up any travel gear, and stay comfortable doing it. 

Pairing #2 - Men's Travel Pants

Talking about sleek and practical, there’s these slimline black travel pants to consider, too. A step up from jeans in stretch, odor-resistance, and comfort, they’re a fantastic match for any travel. Structured to be practical and flexible, they also look smart, and can easily be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. With these beauties in your pack, you won’t need any other travel pant

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

Without our wonderful world, we have no adventures. Everything that makes your inner nomad smile, from viewing that shimmering lake to hiking that mountain, could disappear unless we, the travelers who love the planet, take matters into our own hands. A responsible environmental future is the only way forward, and NxTSTOP is here to make it happen. Small changes in how we interact with our world can have big differences. That’s why NxTSTOP has made it our mission to put the planet first with our innovative, sustainable travel apparel company. Within the next three years, we expect our supply chain and products to hit 100% sustainability- and still look fantastic, too.