Bamboo Filter Pocket Mask

Already in love with NxTSTOP’s soft face masks, but wanting something a little extra? Then our 3-layer and filter-pocket bamboo face mask may be perfect for you! Want to know more? Keep reading for the low down on this exciting addition to our face mask collection. 

Our Bamboo Filter Pocket Mask: An Overview

Our bamboo filter pocket mask offers you the best possible protection in a breathable face mask. You can use our filter (available separately) or insert one of our own, while all three layers help to offer additional protection and peace of mind.

Why We Made It

We know how many of you need a reusable face mask that brings a little extra to the table. Perhaps you have to work inside all day, or in closer proximity to people. This ultrasoft face mask uses not the standard two layers, but rather adds a third layer for security. Plus the filter pocket allows you even more peace of mind. Install the filter of your choice, and remember to change it out regularly. The mask itself is machine washable in a gentle wash, so you can wear a clean one every day with ease.

How We Make It

What goes into our washable face masks? Despite the tight knit on the front layer for added durability, we make sure that what touches your face is super-soft and comfortable on your skin. This helps keep ‘maskne’ and irritation to a minimum, while keeping you protected. With 95% Bamboo viscose and a little Spandex for shape and cling, you’re sure to love the way this filter pocket face mask feels on your skin.

When to Wear It

Wear this face mask wherever you like! However, it’s specifically designed with the extra safety features to give you comfort and peace of mind in more social or confined conditions, while still keeping the breathability and skinfeel of our other face masks. So toss this one in your pocket for the airport, your daily commute, or that in-person meeting at work.

How to Pair Our Bamboo Filter Pocket Mask

This protective face mask goes with anything. We’ve specifically created a neutral color scheme that focuses attention on your face, not your mask, and will match any look. Boardroom to club, we have you covered. If you want to toss some extra-special NxTSTOP goodies in your cart with your next order, however, why not try these on for size?

Pairing #1 - Reusable Water Bottle

Another key part of staying healthy is staying hydrated. This helps keep your immune system functioning at its best, and hydrated mucosal membranes are less likely to face viral onslaught. So why not toss this rollable, reusable water bottle in your trolley, and make staying hydrated as easy as pie?

Pairing #2 - Bamboo Facial Mask

Would you like a lighter, comfortable face mask, and a wider range of colors to show off your personality? Our standard adjustable face mask has many of the same comfort features as the filter pocket face mask, but is a little lighter for outdoor or socially distanced wear.

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

Who knew that a washable face mask could be earth-kind too? We did! That’s because the entire NxTSTOP line is geared around sustainable, earth- and people-friendly practices that help preserve the beauty of nature. A kinder, sustainable future has never looked this good. We have committed to having fully sustainable partners and practices in place within the next three years, and have already come a huge way towards achieving our goals. Bamboo is sustainable, biodegradable, and robust enough to stand up to the rigors of daily life and every adventure you throw at it. Whether you’re shopping for the office, or looking for the perfect travel gear to keep you comfortable while you live the dream, NxTSTOP’s range is here for you. Fun, funky, and eco-friendly…that’s the NxTSTOP dream.