Bamboo Face Mask For Kids

Are you looking for a soft face mask for children? While masking is as important for children as it is for adults, it can be incredibly difficult to ensure they comply. After all, matters like safety, practicality, and keeping safe from germs aren’t as real to them as the irritating thing on their face. That’s why NxTstop is proud to bring you a children’s face mask that’s comfortable and practical, too.

Bamboo Face Mask For Children

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable fabrics on earth, offering many of the same benefits of cotton, but with a softer skinfeel and a tighter weave. This makes it ideal for face masks. Leveraging the power of our adult bamboo face maskdesign, we created this special one for kids.

Why We Made It

Little ones need great protection too. An ultrasoft kids face mask is one they will wear, instead of pulling it off the second you aren’t looking. Adjustability and easy-wash technology are needed, ensuring you have a reusable face mask you can trust to keep your child safe and happy too.

How We Make It

Made from 100% bamboo viscose, our bamboo face mask for kids is wrinkle-resistant, breathable, and won’t pick up odors. Yet it’s still super-soft for fragile growing skin. The tight weave and solid construction will last and last, even through washes, while the range of colors is sure to appeal to every child. 

When to Wear It

We’ve designed our bamboo kids face mask to go anywhere your child does. Whether it’s the regular morning school run or a special trip, they’ll be able to slip this on and get on with living. The best face mask for children is one they don’t feel trapped and encumbered by, and we’re convinced we’ve created the perfect mask for them.

How to Pair Our Kids Bamboo Face Mask

Now you’ve got the peace of mind of knowing you have the right face mask for children, it’s time to add a couple of other NxTSTOP goodies to your cart. Remember, we offer free ground shipping on orders over $50 for the U.S, too, so don’t be afraid to splurge!

Pairing #1 - Adult Bamboo Face Mask

Our kids face mask comes in an adult version too! Why not leverage the same dual-layer technology for yourself as for your little one? Powered by the same design technology, you’ll have matching masks that not only look adorable, but feel great on the skin, too. Wear it for work, play, travel…wherever you go. 

Pairing #2 - Reversible Bucket Hat

Whether for an older child or you, this reversible bucket hat gives a stylish nod to fashion while remaining completely practical for day-to-day life and travel. Giving you two different looks in one, it’s a great travel companion. Keep your ears warm and the weather off your face, no matter where your next adventure takes you. It look adorable, too!

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

With NxTSTOP, life is an adventure at any age! Let the childhood magic of travel push aside your jaded adult views, and rediscover the passion for the world you once had. We’re proud to have created an eco-friendly, sustainable range of clothing that will go wherever you do and get the job done. Our commitment to sustainability is total. We hope to have our entire range at 100% sustainability within the next three years, and we’re already well on the way. 
If you’re looking for fun, stylish travel clothing that loves the earth as much as adventure, then look no further. NxTSTOP is here to hook you up with the threads you need.