bamboo face mask

Bamboo Face Mask: An Overview

Face mask is a word on everyone’s lips right now. But whether you think they’re a fantastic way to travel incognito, or whether you simply suffer in silence because you have to, one thing is for certain. You need a versatile face mask that’s comfortable to wear but won’t let you down. NxTSTOP is proud to have created an eco-friendly, sustainable, breathable dual-layer face mask that’s light and comfortable on the skin to handle any situation. Why not try the NxTSTOP difference today?

Our Bamboo Face Masks

A comfortable face mask may be practical, but there’s no reason it can’t be a fashion statement, too! Our signature Travleisure® construction ensures you receive a wrinkle-resistant, soft, odor resistant and breathable face mask that’s soft on the skin and won’t pick up odors and dirt without a fight. It’s easy to wash, can be reused, and is perfect for all travel activities and even daily life. If you're venturing out among people, pack your mask as you go!

Why We Made It

While protective face masks are a super-hot topic right now, they’ve always been pretty important in travel. Whether it’s protecting yourself from the new germs on a flight, or simply cutting down on dust and pollution, a face mask is an incredibly useful travel accessory and no one should be without at least a couple in their carry on. Why did we make it? Because you need it!

How We Make It

Not only did we opt for bamboo for its soft and eco-friendly fabric, but we also believe the bamboo plant's natural antimicrobial odor-resistant properties enable your new versatile face mask to provide even more value. This will hold up to many washes, letting you clean up and move on, concentrating on your adventure, not your face mask. Remember to make sure your mask fits you well, as that’s a critical component of its protection.

When to Wear It

Right now, everywhere! Even outside of the global health crisis, a face safe face mask is essential for an active traveler. Many cities, especially in Asia, wear them as a default to cut down on air pollution. They’re also a great way to ward off the bugs and germs airports and recycled air on flights is notorious for. Lastly, our ultrasoft face mask is an excellent way to provide physical protection from harsh weather on your skin, especially dust storms and dust-filled air.

How to Pair Our Bamboo Face Masks

These days, a face mask goes with everything. Face masks are particularly useful for travelers, however, and should be on your list of travel essentials. What else should you add? Let’s take a look,

Pairing #1 - Transport Travel Blanket

Now you have your mask sorted, it’s time to grab some other travel essentials. This lightweight travel blanket is made from breathable, durable BCI cotton and recycled polyester, but packs into a tiny pouch and weighs nearly nothing. It’s the perfect companion for airports or cold mornings hiking, camping, or on safari, even! Why be chilly when you can toss this beauty in your bag?

Pairing #2 - Compact Reusable Water Bottle

NxTSTOP’s reusable water bottle rolls up to nothing, but is always there for you. After all, one of the most important things to do for your health when you travel is ensure you stay hydrated. This also helps cut down on dry mucus membranes, which, in turn, makes you less susceptible to bugs and bacteria. Why not throw our travel water bottle in your shopping cart alongside your new masks? 

Introduction to The NxTSTOP

It’s NxTSTOP’s mission to bring you travel gear that’s not only practical and stylish, but helps the planet too. After all, you love adventure, and you want those beautiful memories to live forever, for another generation to enjoy. That’s why we have committed to creating a fully sustainable network of production and partnership in the next 3 years, and you’ll already see it represented in our ranges. 
Do you want to experience the NxTSTOP difference? It’s time to experience what travel apparel can really be. Why not stock up on your cool NxTSTOP gear and kick off your adventures today? Remember, if you have any questions at all, we’re always happy to hear from you.