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Bamboo is one of the most breathable, softest, yet strongest and most sanitary fabrics on Earth.

Our bamboo face masks are made from 95% real bamboo (not rayon bamboo), 5% spandex, and are dual layer. Bamboo is also naturally water-resistant.

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We also sell our masks wholesale to businesses and organizations with minimum orders of 1,000 units. 

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CDC Recommends Face Masks For All

CDC guidance on fabric masks states, "A washing machine should suffice in properly washing face coverings."

Our recommendation is, if you choose to launder at high temperatures, we strongly suggest choosing bamboo instead of cotton. Bamboo is much more resilient to high-temperature treatment. 

Why We Love Bamboo

Bamboo is naturally resistant to microbes, easier to harvest, transport, more affordable, and less taxing on the environment.

- Water-resistant

- High durability

- Eco-friendly

- Cultivated without chemical pesticides and fertilizers

- Bamboo offers a renewable and low-carbon alternative over plastics 

NxTSTOP For Good

Each month, we partner with a different non-profit organization and donate masks to people in need.

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